Coutney!!(possible spoiler)

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Re: Coutney!!(possible spoiler)

Postby grammapam » Wed Oct 30, 2013 1:40 pm

Quote clicquot1:
Quote grammapam: My jaw just about hit the floor,when I saw that she was a 'user'!Why do the writers do this?I thought "finally..Noah has found someone'.Just shows ta go-ya,lol! ;)

Why would your jaw hit the ground cause it has already been shown that she was willing to use a fake I.D. to get drinks!

Wasn't she the one who got the fake I.D.'s for her & Summer?

Also we don't know yet if she is a "user" or she is buying for someone in her family who could even have a medical condition such as cancer or glacoma!

And Zach could either be a sibling, secret boyfriend, or her own child!
Ok...recovering from your 'repremand' here,lol.My jaw DID drop when I saw this scene.I always liked her.She did nothing more than some yOung girls do to get a fake ID to get into Bars.
Maybe 'user' was a bad choice of words(my bad)but either way,shes involved with that 'supplier' that knows Fen.It was obvious they knew each other after last nights Canadian show..I'm disappointed that the writers would do this.I quite liked her for Noah.

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Re: Coutney!!(possible spoiler)

Postby vickidink » Wed Oct 30, 2013 1:51 pm

Quote clicquot1:
Quote Supercouplevilly: I just watched it, wow, I was shocked, and yes, now I believe she hit Delia (not her brother), sometimes you can't tell when someone has been doing something, and who knows, maybe she needed a little lift before responding to that text.

I'm not an Adam fan, but I don't him to be the one that hit Delia, mainly because it was an accident. I just hope it is someone that can actually be blamed, and go to jail.

At this point we don't the actual sequence of events as we have been shown things out of order(IMO)and however it happened could only have been an accident!

Dee Dee ran out into the street, it was dark outside, she was wearing dark clothing with no reflectors sewn into the clothing, she dropped her hat that had the scarf around it, she was on the side of the road in the bushes at one time, and she was found by Billy to be clutching the ring given to her by her mommy!

It's very interesting that she was found clutching the ring and not wearing it as this indicates that it fell off, she bent down to pick it up, put it in her hand and was starting to straighten up when she got hit.

However this happened and whomever hit her I can only see it as a horrible tragedy and a complete accident!

I know you are guessing that the bold above is what happened with the ring- but if that is found to be the case then maybe Billy will be forgiven (by Chloe) for getting Delia the dog and Chloe can think that maybe it was partly her fault (Billy did leave Delia in the car alone) for giving Delia the ring. I'm a little more forgiving of Chloe since she apologized to Billy but her behavior toward him was brutal when the accident first happened. But then I guess when something so tragic happens many feel that if they had done something different there would have been a different outcome and they want to blame someone or something.

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