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Postby carsel » Tue Oct 15, 2013 2:00 pm

This episode was so emotional to me it had me crying I feel for them. I hate the fact that they had to kill Delia because she was such a sweetheart to see on television. However, what I hate most is the fact that they involved Adam; like seriously can he not catch a break. It is ridiculous because now if he does not tell the truth he is evil and heartless. However if he does tell the truth he is that bastard that everyone knows he is. Their probably going to think he did it on purpose because his son needs a transplant so he took advantage of an opportunity. When in actuality he didn’t see for goodness sake we did not see her she was wearing all black in the middle of the street while it’s dark. Not to mention her body was not even in the road but it was in the grass. Adam doing the humane thing peeped out his car and saw that the dog was okay without knowing that a child was hit. I personally am blaming Billy there is no way I am leaving my six or however old child she is in a car late at night at that abandon looking gas station. This story-line just pissed me off Adam and Chelsea as well as Chloe had enough drama in their life Delia could have been left out or killed in a different scenario.

Who agrees or disagrees.

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