Why kill Delia?

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Re: Why kill Delia?

Postby Cookielove » Mon Oct 21, 2013 10:59 pm

Thank you for your mess!! of all the messages I read on the "killing Delia Off" you were the only one who realizes that these ARE JUST ACTORS and ACTRESSES and this is just a TV SHOW!!! NONE of it is REAL!!! ha! goes to show u how people can get sooo caught up in a show...yea...I didn't care for the new storyline, but if the girl is goin to a new show...hey...gotta come up with something..I thought it fit right in with Adams' baby needing corneas! EVERYONE NEEDS REALIZE...COME TO YOUR SENSES! Its just a SHOW! DELIA AIN'T REALLY DEAD!!! she don't even really exist! ha!
anyway, thank u for being down to earth...I know we'll enjoy more of the show..to come.... ~) ~)

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Re: Why kill Delia?

Postby alanadz » Tue Oct 22, 2013 8:36 pm

Quote Brom: I am so disgusted!! Why Delia? I realize it's drama but why another young character? It's horrible. I've watched this soap my entire life. I used to watch with my Mom when I was little. They are losing me. It's the same recycled stuff. Please write something new that doesn't involve someone dying...especially a child. Please.

Connor needs corneas and the Abbotts seem to be expendable.

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