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Re: Delia Story Opinion

Postby frenchtoast » Mon Oct 14, 2013 10:58 am

I hear you...but this is what I love most about this soap, the fact that they do draw on their rich history, and they've always referred back to past events, unlike a lot of other soaps!
As a long time viewer, I love when I see old clips, and that they stay true to what happened before, it's very much like true life!
I can't ever imagine going through such a tramatic experience, as losing a child, and those that have, have my deepest sympathy, but the pain and greiving goes on and doesn't just end one day or be forgotten.
I like that they still mention anniversaries of happy events, but also the sad ones helps to keep it real, and I think they've always done a good job with that.

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Re: Delia Story Opinion

Postby CdnMama » Mon Oct 14, 2013 11:27 am

Quote taramartin: Just wish they had moving flashbacks of Delia instead of imagining a future that will never be with actresses we don't know. Let it be Delia's story not pretend Delia's.

That's what I was thinking...why imagine all that why not remember the good times with the real Delia not the pretend older one??! It just didn't have the same impact. Not to mention, how Chloe was left out of this imagined future. WTH.

All that said, I think this is a public service announcement. Not to leave your kids in cars. That is the reason Delia is dead. If Billy had taken her into that store, she'd be alive today. So it's to send a very sad message to viewers. Sadly some people in real life do do exactly what Billy did, they think oh just for a few min, but that's all it takes, and Billy was acting extremely irresponsible and IMO he is to blame for her death.

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Re: Delia Story Opinion

Postby strawberrypop » Mon Oct 14, 2013 12:10 pm

Quote frenchtoast: I am one of the most sensitive people around and I do understand why some are upset by the Delia storyline.
However I have read here so many complaints about unrealistic Y & R can be, unfortunately, in this case I feel this is very true to life.
Like it or not, tragedy occurs everyday, and it is a part of life, the imporant part is how everyone copes with it. I see the value of this storyline because as always, a
good story requires drama, comedy AND tragedy. In fact, and I know some will disagree, I think this story was well conceived, and weaved, reminicient of the way Bill Bell would, it's the balance of one's loss can bring another's gift.
As sad as it is, it's the basic cycle of life. I can appreciate the excellent acting with true emotion, that is commendable.
So whatever your opinion, you have to realize that it's a soap and look at it as a very well acted drama.

I totally get it. I agree with you. I had to smh a lot at the posters who were getting angry and saying they were done with Y&R if they killed of Delia. This is a drama, and in life tragedy occurs. None of us like it, but its life.

I agreed with a poster who said that they couldn't SOARS Delia because Chloe and Billy just do not look old enough to have a 20 something daughter, not even in the next 2 years.

I think this story line will produce some very good acting and tear jerker scenes. Bravo, keep it coming. I would rather sit on the edge of my seat teary eyed than to ff most of the show and be done watching it in 3 minutes.

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Re: Delia Story Opinion

Postby BB530 » Mon Oct 14, 2013 12:39 pm

SO bizarre; so unreal; so badly acted.

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Re: Delia Story Opinion

Postby calliope » Mon Oct 14, 2013 12:58 pm

This is an emotional sl for all the actors concerned. I bet we will see some of their best stuff in the coming days.
I don't understand either why people are saying they will not watch anymore. We watched Colleen die a sad, sad death and have her happy heart given to evil Victor. Most of us will continue to watch. We just aren't as vocal as the displeased posters.

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Re: Delia Story Opinion

Postby dholla24017 » Mon Oct 14, 2013 1:14 pm

I did not like the story line on Friday with seeing Delia in the future today is too much. I hate seeing a child die it is so sad. Great acting yes but too much since Mrs. Chancellor's death. just not ready for another death especially not this one this is going to create too much trauma now Chloe who is already dramatic this is a hot mess now. and Billy already has enough problems now this.

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Re: Delia Story Opinion

Postby suhl » Mon Oct 14, 2013 1:18 pm

Why not take one of those bratty ADULTS? The Delia character could have grown up to be the next decent person. I think writing her out this way was wrong wrong wrong. You could have sent her away to a rehab camp with TBI. She could have been such a great asset to the Y&R cast when she came back. You missed the boat. I don't think even Billy and Victoria can bring me back for a very long time.

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Re: Delia Story Opinion

Postby melika85 » Mon Oct 14, 2013 1:45 pm

wow i was just sitting here watching while they told billy she was gone. i read the posts from everyone. but what makes me mad, is they are doing the same thing they did to casey. so what she was young, they didn't have to put her in every scene. they did that with kyle. why didnt' they kill him off when he was young. instead they sent him to boring school. what about hope, she isn't included. oh but that is a newman. this is just another thing for victor to blame billy for as being a low life drunken gambling bum. these writers are pathetic. im sorry but this was such a mistake. if this was to give connor her eyes, well they could have went a different route. not being terrible, but i hope they don't give connor her eyes. but i know they will. because they are going to make this about adam and billy coming to some kind of reunion in the future. but you know they are going to prosecute adam for the hit and run. even though in the episode you see he didn't even know he hit something (someone). the car didn't even do anything. (yes i know they aren't going to do this for real, there is objects they can use). so wht are they planning to do against him now. these writers really think us fans are stupid, but it's a story, they have to keep us on our toes and pissed off all the time. lol we have to sit and yell at the tv or yell at the writers for doing something stupid. but really haven't the abbotts had enough lose and bad things happen to them. COME ON!!!! ok i will get off my soap box now. sorry. i just get so mad at what they do, and how it seems they revolve everythign around the newman family. what is the purpose of chole losing her daughter only daughter. is this a ploy to get her and kevin back, please. delia was what made them a family.
but on the other hand, billy's scene was well played, the future scenes, and his emotions when he was give the news. that is what real life is like. i understand everyoones opinion agree with most of them.
please don't think i think this is real, i just get so tired of the decisions they make for the story line.

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Re: Delia Story Opinion

Postby 6990 » Mon Oct 14, 2013 2:29 pm

It seems the writers of Y&R have writers block. Really???!?!? they can not come up with ANYTHING new??? They kill off babies and kids on a regular basis. It is almost as bad as having yet another "unknown" son or daughter show up! I can see why the Soap operas are falling by the wayside. Delia dying.....I have had ENOUGH OF THE TYPE OF STORYLINE. The stale writing between Victor and Adam....The same storyline between and Jack and Victor. I am checking out on the Y&R after watching since 1973. Delia was the last straw

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Re: Delia Story Opinion

Postby awebby » Mon Oct 14, 2013 3:43 pm

I am mad as you know what >) .
The writers think it's entertaining to make us cry.

I AM ON STRIKE! Any one want to join me? I will not watch until Nov. 1st.

I will not give up on Y & R - but they went over the edge on this one.
I don't find it fun to watch the sadness this soap has been spewing out for the past several years. It's turned dark.

I read that this was worthy of Bill Bell - I disagree.
Yes, I liked the moral impact stories - but this has no moral impact, this was a senseless death of a kid. Delia was such a cutie and she survived a major illness. If they HAD to kill her off, why not through the leukemia?

I refuse to watch the characters go through the grief they will be going through for the next few weeks. AND to top this off - it's a re-cycled story from another soap. GEEZE!
Anyway - I'm not on a lot here, but I am really ticked off about this story line and......

I AM ON STRIKE.........

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