Killing a child for a pair of eyes, Why!!!

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Re: Killing a child for a pair of eyes, Why!!!

Postby gretasmom » Mon Oct 14, 2013 11:21 pm

Quote mskat1216: Not entertaining at all. ?) please change writers. This is just sickening. :(

I also am sick at the direction this group of incompetent writers have taken what used to be my favorite's like they are intentionally destroying everything the long time fans have loved about the show over the years....PLEASE get better writers & better storylines before most of us quit watching the junk that is on now..... %(

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Re: Killing a child for a pair of eyes, Why!!!

Postby Soap diva queen » Tue Oct 15, 2013 12:44 am

Hours after viewing Monday's episode and I'm still livid. There are so many reasons why, that I don't even know where to begin...I've watched Y&R since day one. Yes, I get that this fiction. Yes, I believe in creative plot lines. Yes, I understand bad things happen to people (including children) in real life, too. But this recent story line has gone beyond the pale with the death of the character of Delia. This show is an escape for many viewers and somehow we can understand the need for characters to depart for a myriad of reasons, some at the control of producers and writers, others beyond that control. But to kill off a small child character is just toooo much!! As viewers, we've lost several key players of late: Mrs. C, Phyllis, for all practical reasons we might as well have lost Sharon (wth?), and now the decision to kill of the character of a small child, Delia. As a fan who has welcomed you into my homes for 40 years, you've worn out your welcome!!! The writing of late is ridiculous. It's insulting to my sensibilities. You have viewers of every age and demographic for whom THIS us just too close and too raw. Losing a child of this age is never ok because of the emotion and pain it evokes, IMHO. I'm pissed beyond words that Y&R has gone this far off the charts. You've not only broken the hearts of the show's main characters but the heats of your viewing family. Shame on you! I get where you're planning to take this plot. FAIL! smh The plots get more and more juvenile and predictable.
Writers can and should be replaced ASAP. When's the last time you won a daytime Emmy for the show??!! RIP Delia!! RIP Y&R!!

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Re: Killing a child for a pair of eyes, Why!!!

Postby billsgal » Tue Oct 15, 2013 12:57 am

I don't have a problem with killing a child for corneas, I just felt it should have been a different child. It would have added more pizazz if Hillary had tampered with Sofia or Neil's brakes and little Moses died since you never see or hear anyone talk about him anyway.

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Re: Killing a child for a pair of eyes, Why!!!

Postby tvjunky » Tue Oct 15, 2013 1:14 am

I have watched this show from the beginning with the Brooks family. I also have never joined a message board or emailed celebrities, etc.; but this s/l sickened me to the point that I had to express my disgust. I don't think anything on a soap has upset me more. And note, I do not have children; but killing off this beautiful child was horrific (yes fictional character I know). Even if the child needed to leave the show, they could have sent her off to a school for gifted children or something else. Adam could have gotten black market corneas. Maybe a good story line that's never been done. There is enough bad crap that we see everyday and there are shows like Criminal Minds and Law&Order for that. There you know what you're getting into. I don't want to be smacked and shaken to the core with reality in a soap. It should be fantasy, escape and life lessons. Everyone is warned not to leave a child or pet in a hot car, and yet you see story after story of it on the news.

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Re: Killing a child for a pair of eyes, Why!!!

Postby LeatGnz » Tue Oct 15, 2013 4:59 am

I was 8 yrs old when Y & R aired it's first show. My mother was a devoted fan and I as well became hooked over the years. I am 49 yrs old now so thats alot of years of watching this show. I dont know if the writers ever thought of what their storyline was going to cause? Apparently alot of people are outraged with this last storyline of killing Delia off the show. Some bloggers think what is the harm since they killed off Colleen? Maybe because she was older, an adult it seemed acceptable? Thats a possibility, but the writes seemed to have not foreseen what this storyline would have caused? You see it brings back ALOT of bad memories, especially when you have a small child of that age hit by a car. It's a reminder of how devestating the time period was, and how horrorific it was to see it and hear your child scream at that moment. It stays with you forever and tho you go on with your life, storylines like that just brings back that horrible memory back to life. Maybe the writers should consider that sometimes killing off a small child can actually hurt the show, not raise the ratings. I have loved being a fan of Y & R for alot of years. I don't get entertainment in remembering my 4 yr old daughter getting mowed down by a volkswagon bus. I bet there are alot of other parents out there who dont want their memories of their children (esp small children)brought up on the soaps when their lives was taken tragically either. Something for the writers to consider.

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Re: Killing a child for a pair of eyes, Why!!!

Postby SunMoonStar » Tue Oct 15, 2013 2:05 pm

Quote mskat1216: Now to each idiot that responded to this topic the outcome was just as I predicted it would be. I have been a long time fan for 40 years and I have come to expect better writing. And yes,it is fiction that I love to watch everyday however, killing a child whether true or fiction is a bad idea. So , each of you kiss my Butt with your reply!!! And get a life. Smooches!!!

Bravo!!! I, too, have been a long-time fan and this story line disgusts me (Colleen too).

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Re: Killing a child for a pair of eyes, Why!!!

Postby mskat1216 » Tue Oct 15, 2013 3:19 pm

@zuzu61: I get what you're saying however, there are still so many fans that are still faithful to the show and it causes the shows ratings to soar not to mention they (Y&R) also will do whatever it takes to win that "day time Emmy" just so sad. My heart hurts for the children whether the story is true or fiction. I agree with you I don't want to see them crash either but My heart goes out to ALL parents who have ever live through this nightmare in real time there were too many other options they could have played out. %(

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Re: Killing a child for a pair of eyes, Why!!!

Postby Sudsy Sue » Tue Oct 15, 2013 3:23 pm

Could it be possible the actress who plays Delia's contract ended and she needed out of her contract for another job and that's just how the EP chose to take her out? I felt like the writers at first intended for Peanut to have the vision problem as Adam, but changed his diagnosis to fit in with Delia leaving.

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Re: Killing a child for a pair of eyes, Why!!!

Postby BW76 » Tue Oct 15, 2013 3:25 pm

I hope eventually there will be a reason for this storyline. I hate that people are left beating themselves up with no closure. People were tweeting MM, he said he saw it from point of view as an actor and he was proud of his colleagues performances.

I know there are deaths on soaps it's just the nature of this and the potential impact. I hope the writers can soften it otherwise not looking forward to the future of the show.

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Re: Killing a child for a pair of eyes, Why!!!

Postby indyfan51 » Tue Oct 15, 2013 3:33 pm

The little girl who plays Delia is now on a new CBS comedy, The Millers.

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