Stitch is a Hit But IS Dylan a Miss? OOPS!

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Re: Stitch is a Hit But IS Dylan a Miss? OOPS!

Postby Bellc » Tue Oct 08, 2013 3:59 pm

I like Dylan

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Re: Stitch is a Hit But IS Dylan a Miss? OOPS!

Postby bukopandan » Tue Oct 08, 2013 4:11 pm

Quote trinilisa: I hope that Dylan is given a storyline that will show a different side of him. So far, imho, he's been a sympathetic character; he went off to war and experienced such horror, he was tied to a child that, while he admittedly (last week or this week) wanted so much, he allowed himself to believe the child was his, and he lost Avery to Nick (he's a far better man than Nick imho) just recently. I'd like to see more depth to the character.
Meanwhile, I'm really liking Stitch, except for the fact that he had a wife and kid and that little fact seems to have been forgotten. I like their friendship.

I completely agree, and with another poster's point about Dylan being connected to several places and not yet really settling into one (another thread mentioned Kevin getting the coffee house back--if YR isn't going to develop the place as a true Dylan spot, then I'd like to see him let it go). I'd also like to see the home he has shared with Chelsea finally get filled with more and look more homey. If Stitch's wife and child aren't going to be on, then is Stitch going to depart the show soon? I'd like to see him stay.

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