Writers please give kevin back crimson lights!

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Writers please give kevin back crimson lights!

Postby JBosh » Mon Oct 07, 2013 9:09 pm

Boy do dylan ever put you to sleep. This guy gets worse and worse everyday.He sucks running cl because he's more boring than college math. I wish kevin would get his coffee house back, because kevin was the man for the job and he had me Rollin, when he slang those great "one liners". Kevin belongs at the helm of cl, dylan just sucks at life.

Put kevin back, he's more interesting to watch.Dylan a snooze festival.

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Re: Writers please give kevin back crimson lights!

Postby chillepepper » Mon Oct 07, 2013 11:26 pm

Kevin should go back to CL,if only to give poor Alex a break from all Kevin's screeching and hollering,he is really getting on my nerves,and I really like Greg in the role ,but the character needs to stop squealing at poor Alex and stop acting like he is the boss there,he is suppose to be doing community service ,yet they had him on a freaking steakout like he was mister big guy ,really he is not a cop ,why is he treated as if he is? Yea put him back at the coffee shop,and let Dylan go back to being a carpenter or whatever he is or was suppose to be doing .Poor Dylan's dad had a business of his own and he dies and his stupid son sells the business to open a coffee shop,what an idiot. Not to mention that Dylan is never at CL in the first place,if he is suppose to be the boss he should show up for work,especially starting a new business. So yes give Kevin back the coffee shop and let Dylan find a new job. I do like Steve Burton though. JMO

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