Victor slamming Billy boy!

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Re: Victor slamming Billy boy!

Postby bukopandan » Tue Oct 08, 2013 4:28 pm

Quote jacksmyguy:
Quote calliope: Victoria shows disrespect for Billy and her marriage by allowing her father to speak to her like that. Sorry, but if I truly loved my husband I would draw the line there.

I think you are so right. Victoria needs to draw some boundary lines for her father and the first time he violates that trust she should prove her loyalty to her husband and her own family instead of that bitter old man. She's already given Victor far more chances than he deserved.

I've never known any married person who allowed his or her parent to act anything close to what Vic acts like! I do understand that Vicky can't help but want her daddy's approval, but what she tolerates is just so not reflective of anything I've ever seen (or even read about, for example with the Trumps).

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