Chylan's "Epic Love"????

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Re: Chylan's

Postby ladycam » Thu Oct 03, 2013 5:42 pm

Quote KeepingItReal: She wrote him a wuv letter which was overkill....they didn't even look like they were in "wuv".

Now Dylan and Avery....look more like "wuvers"

These writers crack me up with their writing for couples.They moved Chelsea in with Adam and their cute little baby those scenes are cuter than anything Chylan every did. But Chelsea is declaring that Dylan is the love of her life. And she don't know how to go on without him. Am sorry but am not seeing it. Worse with her and Adam living together and snuggling up with their baby. It makes Chelsea look silly and ruins both pairings at least for me it does. I see no love for neither Dylan nor Adam with this kind of writing. Dylan and Avery that I believe from the very begininig. They are super cute :) :D *)

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Re: Chylan's

Postby Castro » Thu Oct 03, 2013 5:48 pm

Quote KeepingItReal: Trunks I don't get it either..

Like whatever writers.....I surely didn't see when those two fell in wuv....more like the defaulted to each other.

I think they need to take their meds...writers meds I'm talking.

Whoot....there it is!!!

You know this isn't the first time the writers think WE the viewers are supposed to fall in love with their default pushed together made up couples! Well, I ain't buying the crap they're selling ;)

Dylan was in love with Avery when Chelsea decided to trick the love sick puppy into being her baby daddy and savior from Adam :~

Dylan was in love with the idea of being a father and Chelsea was in love with the idea of having the perfect cookie-cutter family.

No REAL love between the two of them other than their love for the baby.

G'wan wit dis mess!

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Re: Chylan's

Postby villyforever55 » Thu Oct 03, 2013 6:52 pm

Quote Spike1976:
Quote villyforever55:
Quote YR2013:
Quote Jackie10: In my opinion CM has shown more love, compassion and understanding for Dylan then she ever did for Adam. With Adam it was all about her, what she wanted and to hell with Adam and his life, hopes and dreams. At least with Dylan she is all about their life, their love and their family.

I completely agree with you. Chadam two minute marriage was about Chels. She's watchable when she's with Dylan but grates on my last nerve when she's with Adam, unless they are fighting :D It's been the only time I saw anything worth watching.

Chelsea truly seem like she loves and care for Dylan and wants to work things out with him. It has nothing to do with pity or the baby, but she seems to genuinely care about him. I think she knows too, the family she desire and dream of, could never happen with Adam.

Well, after watching Chelsea fall 'in love' with Adam and then fall 'in love' with Dylan, I'm beginning to question if she even knows what that means. I don't think she approached either relationship realistically, both having smidgeon of fantasy attached. So, I don't know what to think Pardon my rambling.

Chelsea fell in love with Adam. There was no fantasy and no strings. Dylan on the other hand was a convenience relationship. He was convenient enough to play the role of fake baby daddy and the added bonus was, she actually liked him.

This desperate attempt to get back with him seems more like to appease her guilt. If she believed that she truly loved him then she wouldn't look so bad as a person. Self-reflection is a biotch.

I kind of disagree, it was more like a dream or fantasy. Loosing the baby. Adam's apparent indifference and, of course, Sharon burst the bubble. Enter Dylan, stage left. At this point she doesn't know who or what she wants. JMHO.

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