Some mother chelsea is?

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Re: Some mother chelsea is?

Postby calliope » Thu Sep 19, 2013 9:14 pm

I am giving Chelsea a pass on this nap. She delivered a baby how many days ago? She is stressed and exhausted. How do you know how long she was sleeping? Could have been 2 minutes, could have been an hour. At some point the body's need for sleep takes over. She hasn't lolled the time away, she has been frantic.
What a nap has to do with her lying...I can't get the connection. She conned Dylan, no doubt, but I don't understand how she can be vilified for falling asleep.

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Re: Some mother chelsea is?

Postby ThornsandRoses » Thu Sep 19, 2013 9:22 pm

Quote lilie:
Quote villyforever55:
Quote ThornsandRoses:
Quote villyforever55:
Quote ThornsandRoses:
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Quote Sudsy Sue:
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Quote Licorice_423: The thing is, we have no idea how long Chelsea has been up. She might not gone to sleep since Connor has been missing. She probably is exhausted with worry. All I saw was a mother trying to rest and be ready for when something does happen. She could have been up for close to 24 hours for all we know. She did what she was supposed to do. She went to the police station but there is nothing they can do. How was she supposed to know where to start looking for him? No one else had seen him. Cut the girl some slack.

Great point!

Chelsea's baby is 2 weeks old. She probably hasn't had a total of 10 hours sleep since he was born. We saw the shot of Anita comforting Chelsea, then after the commercial, Chelsea was lying on the couch asleep. We have no idea how long she cried for her baby and then fell asleep out of pure exhaustion. Sometimes a person might think "o.k., if I go to sleep, when I wake up this all would have been a bad dream". The stress of keeping up the con for 8+ months would be pretty exhausting in itself. She has been looking pretty bad since she found out about the baby's sight problem, now on top of that Adam has found out he is the father and Dylan has kidnapped him. The physical body can only stand so much and you cannot will it to do what you want it to.

If this was anyone else, I probably would have agree with you there, but this is chelsea we're talking about here, the con artist ~)

her actions has cause a domino effect >) %(

chelsea has caused a lot of damage here. She blew dyllan's life into pieces.

watching dylan's face when chelsea finally admit he's not the father was heart broken.

because of chelsea, poor dylan will be look as the laughing stock in front of the general city citizens.

the man has lost his dignity, self respect and most of all his spirit. :(

dyllan kidnapping little peanut is all because of her despicable behavior. >(

the woman is a menace to society >(

So she is a menace to society. What kind of body does she have that does not need sleep? Dylan came to GC looking for Avery, not Chelsea. Chelsea did what a lot of people would do in the same situation, try to make what she thought would be a better life for her child, love, not big bucks. She may have been misguided, but she wasn't looking for Newman millions. Can we say the same about Avery? She may have been a successful lawyer at one point, but it doesn't necessarily mean she wasn't ready to stay home and play baking queen. Nick could sure buy a lot of flour and sugar.

I'm sorry, but what does Avery have to do with this?

What this has to do with Avery is that if Dylan had not come to GC looking for Avery, Chelsea would not have had the opportunity to do what she did. If Nick is right and Avery is still in love with Dylan, a lot of things might have been different if Avery had followed her heart. Therefore, could Chelsea have palmed Adam's kid off as Dylan's and created this situation if Dylan had not come to GC looking for Avery?

Okay, then based on that logic, if Adam had not put NE and Sharon before his wife then they might still be together and have a happy family. There are any number of scenarios we can go with, depending on how far back we go. This still has nothing to do with Avery.

ITA, to blame Avery I feel is a cap out, because chelsea had CHOICES to make and she made the WRONG ones, so it is all on the con >(
It looks like I gave the wrong impression. I was not trying to blame Avery. I was only trying to point out that the actions of some people some time affect what happens in the live of other people, in this case Chelsea and Avery. If Avery had resumed her relationship with Dylan, Chelsea would not have had the opportunity to do what she did. Not trying to give Chelsea a pass. <p>

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