Dylan's a dud

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Re: Dylan's a dud

Postby MotoMoto24 » Thu Sep 19, 2013 10:54 pm

Quote desert lord: :-) I just have yo jump in here, ladies: the episode you will see tomorrow (Friday) is heartbreaking, in my opinion. The perdormance by Dillon as he relived his tour in Aphganistan brought me to tears...I will give nothing away, but it is a must see. Dillon gave an outstanding performance for an actor enacting a PTSD episode.
I cannot guess the anguish and horror for a real life episode... I sure feel for our boys in the military who go through this...So, ladies, please watch this episode..

I've seen the episode also. I am Canadian. I agree it brought me to tears. I could just strangle Chelsea for giving him false hope. Much respect for our military boys.

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