When Phyllis comes out of her coma...

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When Phyllis comes out of her coma...

Postby Hyatt4Life » Mon Sep 16, 2013 4:24 am

When the red haired devil comes out of coma... This is what I like to see happened. Instead of Jack, Daniel, and Summer being at her bedside it should be Drucilla, Sharon, Christine, and the ghost of Sasha Green standing around her bed, all four of the beautiful ladies are wearing black leather from the shoulders down to their feet. The four beauties can ask each other what should be done about Phyllis. Drucilla can say maybe we should push off a cliff. The Christine can say let's not do that, Maybe there is a car that I can rent and mow her down with. Then Sharon can say a car and cliff just may be too good for the town's skank. Then they all turn to Sasha and ask what she think that she be done with her. Sasha then say "I got maybe we lock her into house and set it on fire?" Then they all agree a house fire it is. Then Drucilla reach over and snatch Phyllis by her collar and drag her out of the hospital and through her in the back of a van and Drucilla, Christine, and Sharon speed off with a very scared Phyllis in the back of the van tied down and gagged. I agree with the poster who posted in my Andrew Abbott and Sharon who said if Sharon deserved prison then Phyllis should be on death row. But I don't agree that Sharon deserved prison time though. But Phyllis darn sure deserves the chair for all she has done to others.

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Re: When Phyllis comes out of her coma...

Postby spatz » Mon Sep 16, 2013 5:36 am

going fishing this morning? >)

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