Let's be honest

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Re: Let's be honest

Postby baybay » Sun Sep 08, 2013 9:06 pm

Good post. I love watching the people I've grown to know and love for all these years. I think we've done the "paternity" issue with Jack to death. What I think Y&R is really missing right now with Kay gone... is a moral compass to the show. She was that for several years now. The MATRIARCH of the show... and we no longer have that. I miss the old Abby... her personality and zaniness was fun. We need a little levity with all the drama... and that's gone. Sharon was on the road (or so I thought) to becoming someone in her own right... stronger, taking her meds... but NO... we have to take her down again. Tired of that. Jack had decided that the ONE thing he wanted was to RUN Jabot... quit all the fighting with Victor and HERE we go again. Gosh... never realized just how much I'd miss Katherine. A dream part played to perfection by Jeanne Cooper. No matter what happens on the show, I will be forever thankful I got to watch THAT for 40 years. Gosh... she will be SO missed. I'm happy that they may be giving Jill and Nikki a good storyline. At least it's something different from the same old tired fight between Jack and Victor. Oh well.. that's my two cents.

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Re: Let's be honest

Postby Monsoon » Sun Sep 08, 2013 10:25 pm

Quote weatherholt3: [quote]Quote laurie6: I agree with most of what you said except for Sharon being thrown under the bus by the Newmans,Sharon has caused all of her own problems and needs to take responsibility for them, IMO that is where a lot of her bashing comes from because she is always excused for her behavior and it is always blamed on someone else. A lot of the stories on here are repeat but in the past they were written a lot better and newbies didn't just take over. I don't want any of the vets off the show they are the ones who made it worth watching for so long, I just don't know how much longer this soap will last with the way it is being written right now.IMO

Quote laurie6: I agree with most of what you said except for Sharon being thrown under the bus by the Newmans,Sharon has caused all of her own problems and needs to take responsibility for them, IMO that is where a lot of her bashing comes from because she is always excused for her behavior and it is always blamed on someone else.

No body has to agree with what I said but I did ask this not to be turned into a love/hate bashing and this is what you did with this comment there is enough of this in other threads.... this is about the VETS and basically what to do with them next without rewriting or should I say reusing the storylines and history of the show without losing our VETS.

Commenting on a post is not bashing.

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Re: Let's be honest

Postby Kelby » Sun Sep 08, 2013 11:42 pm

Quote PurrrrrrrKitty: Too many garbage years of writing. It has hurt the show immeasurably.

Wow, I could not agree more.. But that happens to all soaps when the creator leaves..it slowly goes down hill.. I watched ATWT since the 50's.. and I watched it in the ditch more times than I want to remember.. The ONLY writer that was good was Douglas McFarland and he suddenly died when he had it almost back on track.

I think Agnes Nixon created ATWT and Guiding Light.. when she died.. and many writers took over.. they changed both of those soaps until they were written off.

I don't know if thuis will happen to Y&R or not.. time will tell... it is also a different time.. Soaps are not as popular as they once were..

I was young when I started watching soaps.. but young people today.. don't give a fig about Soaps.. they are into "reality" and "Crime" shows.. My two children HAVE NEVER watched Soaps.. they think they are beyond stupid., where as I do not relate to their "science fiction" world.

I get the feeling that the new regime is "trying" to capture the younger set.. but I don't know if they can do that.. I really doubt it.. it is almost impossible to get a whole new set of "new" viewers..

The real fans of Y&R are older people or people who started watching with their grand mothers.. etc..

I have loved and enjoyed them since the 50's, but I see them coming to an end, no matter who writes them.[/quote]

Love your post. They are totally going to come to an end, no matter who writes them. My wish is that they would get decent writers to see them through to the end and not let them go off the air in disgrace, like so many already have. Let them be good awhile longer and then take them. I do not want to see them all of the sudden be good at the end. That stinks. Make them good again. One last time. The younger generation does not give a da.n about soaps. The last generation to really care about the soaps would have been in the 90s truly and even then the audience started to dwindle. 00s reality television blew up and messed up everything. We all know that is one of the reasons soaps are getting nuked. So much change and very little evolution from daytime. The same old, same old. You have to evolve or you get left in the dust. The end is near for the four left. It is just a matter of when. I predict Days will be the next one to go.

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Re: Let's be honest

Postby PurrrrrrrKitty » Mon Sep 09, 2013 2:46 am

Kelby, thank you for your comments.. and I agree with You regarding Days from what I have read... yes it is next.

I also read, and I cannot remember where, that Sony is very pleased with the increase of viewers for Y&R and B&B.. and the two are making them money.. so they have extended their stay until some time in 2014.. then they will take another look and see where they stand. The article gave me the impression, if they had not seen an increase, they would have pulled the plug the end of this year.

It is always about money with a network.

I have a feeling JFP was told this by Sony.. she has to know her livihood depends upon whether she makes Y&R successful or not.

Yes it is sad to watch them go down the drain, as we once knew them.... kinda like watching an old friend fade away from illness... but I am thankful I had the years of enjoyment with them.

I will watch til Y&R leaves... no matter how bad it gets.. I have hope it will get better before they pull the plug. I think it will be a different Y&R than from what us old time viewers have seen for years... but it might be the way of the future!!! We, as viewers, have to evolve with the time as well..


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Re: Let's be honest

Postby Savoy » Mon Sep 09, 2013 10:19 am

Quote weatherholt3: Please do not turn this into a love/hate bashing thread this is not what this is meant to be.

There has been threads about Sharon needs to leave because she has run her course(I'm not saying threads have not been wrote about other character need to leave just right now it be mostly about Sharon this is the only reason her name has been bought up)

Let's be honest hasn't most Vets run their course after being on here for 20-30-40 years and have done just about everything possible, what's left for them to do, how many more times are we going to have to watch Victor/Jack/Adam fight for NE and stab each other in the back and now watch them fight over CI..Nikki and Victor get married/divorce/marry other people divorce them and marry each other again...how many times do we have to watch Victor go off to fine himself..Billy and Victor fight over Victoria...Vikki,Nick and Adam fight for their dad love and NE...how many times do we have to see Nick get married and divorced...how many times do we have to see Sharon get thrown under the bus by the Newmans...see Neil go from NE to Jabot to CI...what is happening for Michael and Avery(she really isn't a Vet)to be lawyer again. What's left for Lily,Cane,Kevin,Lauren and Chloe to do..how many more switched paternity test or who's the baby daddy(right now no one is pregnant so we don't have to worry about this for awhile)Is Jill going to try and get control of CI again,how many more hidden kids are going to be bought in...if Phyllis is to be bought back what is left for her to do execpt to put her nose into everybody business (this is now I seen her)

Believe me I dont want any of them to go I'm just saying if one goes because they have run their course then they all need to go because they all have run their course.

there wouldn't be Y&R without the Vets. I think it easier to except when the Vets decide to leave on there own instead of them being killed or sent off because the writers can't figure out what to do with them next but it happens all the time...but as fan we can always find something for them to do.

I agree seeing the same old same old storylines can get frustating but if they don't rewrite some s/l or even some of the history with a little twist and turn in them then what else is left for them to do.

What I want is for them to bring back the Newman, Abbot,Winters and Chancellor(wont be the same with Catherine) families they used to fight for each other but also fought with each other. I missed the family scenes especially the holiday scenes they used to have, but for the last couple of years they haven't had any families to celebrate the holidays last year was the first time they even had anything close to a family when they shown Nick Sharon Noah and Faith decorating the tree and reading stories together. I miss the friendship they used to have who is friends on here anymore Chloe and Chelsea and Avery and Adam and to me these friendship are kind of weird. They had Sharon and Avery, Sharon and Dylan Victoria and Chloe, Dylan and Faith starting up as friends but they have destroyed those, they really kind of made a mess out of Phyllis and Michael friendship before Phyllis left.. right now everybody is after everybody, I hope and pray that they can find some writers to come and fix the mess they have turned this show into. There for a while I found it very interesting but right now its hard to watch, oh I'm still a fan and I'm still watching but it is getting harder and harder to watch on a daily bases.

I know you have to bring in newbies to keep the show going but don't backburn the Vets.

Please writers bring back the families, the passion, friendships and the fire this show used to have and keep the Vets up front

*Clap clap* standing ovation great post.

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Re: Let's be honest

Postby alanadz » Tue Sep 10, 2013 10:52 am

Sharon has been written into a corner. And worse yet, that corner will get a lot spoiler once the truth comes out about Summer's paternity and Phyllis "accident".

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