Worried about Cane

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Re: Worried about Cane

Postby Evsmom » Fri Oct 19, 2007 9:50 am

Quote Kimberly46:
Quote Evsmom: I couldn't tell if he was worried about being caught or he just didn't want her to go because it could get ugly.

He's very protective of the women in his life, I think.

I thought he looked like someone that thought Kay did not trust him to handle that problem alone. Right after Kay told him she was coming with him, he said "I can handle it". Kay replied that she knew that but wanted to be there just in case to back him up.
Evesmom congrats on the moderator position. Wooohooo :)

Thanks! :)

I just hope Cane turns out to be a good guy. I'd like for him to be on Y&R for a long time. He's got looks, that killer smile, poise and charm! As long as he's got brains he'd make a great CEO at Chancellor one day!

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