New Cast! Kelly Kruger returning as Mackenzie!

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Re: New Cast! Kelly Kruger returning as Mackenzie!

Postby joleenluv » Tue Nov 26, 2013 3:51 am

Quote diamondjoy:
Quote xoxoxox:
Quote molly2552:
Quote crazycakes: One of the best parts of David Tom's return are all the flashbacks they're going to pull out of the CBS archives. I heard they have lots of old 'Glow By Jabot' flashbacks with David Tom, Thad Luckinbill, and Kelly Kruger's Mackenzie.

The show is laying the groundwork for a JT/Mac/Billy/Victoria quad. Both Thad Luckinbill and Kelly Kruger have been approached about returning to the show. I think Reed will return to GC full-time now that Villy is ending.

Yes, JT and Mac will divorce, and Billy and Victoria will have massive marriage issues after David Tom takes over.

The writers have been dropping hints about JT and Mackenzie all year now. We know their marriage is having problems and the fallout will have a great impact on Billy and Victoria.

#1 David Tom's Billy will reconnect with his true love Mackenzie Browning.

#2 The Prodigal Child returns. Reed Newman will return to his rightful place as Victoria's firstborn son. His custody will finally be fixed. I'm hearing we'll see more of Reed and Moses next year, those children are not forgotten.

I love how in all these Villy ending/Mac and Billy reunion scenarios one detail is always conveniently left out. DJ. If everyone is so sure what happens with every aspect of the future of Villy and JT and Mac why is he always left out?

No different than how Reed is always conveniently left out of the "Villy" family. ~)

Where's Reed? He disappeared once Victoria got involved with Billy. Now people act like Billy's children are the only ones that exist. Delia and Johnny get all the attention. Reed is forgotten.

When Billy and Mackenzie hook up, DJ can go join Reed in the closet for lost children.

Very good point.

If Reed is returning to Victoria, I think JT will keep full custody of DJ.
Mackenzie can Skype with DJ every few months.
I'm sure Mackenzie will be too busy taking care of Johnny to even remember she has a son named DJ. :-)

:-) :-) :-)

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Re: New Cast! Kelly Kruger returning as Mackenzie!

Postby Sinny » Tue Nov 26, 2013 6:05 am

Quote matula: Darrin Brooks (B&B's Wyatt) mentioned in his recent SID interview that his girlfriend, Kelly Kruger, was asked to return to Y&R to reprise the role of Mackenzie Browning (Katherine Chancellor's grand-daughter).

Darrin is excited that he & Kelly will be working close to each other since B&B and Y&R are both CBS soaps.

I hope this is not true.. she was not a good Mac.. neither was that clementine.. YUCK I did not like either one.

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Re: New Cast! Kelly Kruger returning as Mackenzie!

Postby texasbull » Tue Nov 26, 2013 2:25 pm

Ashley Bashioum was my favorite Mac.

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