What was last story line that had you glued to TV?

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Re: What was last story line that had you glued to TV?

Postby pepperboy » Tue Aug 20, 2013 9:03 pm

The early days of Phick was must see tv to me. l had watched this show off and on for years but when that sleazey affair started l was hooked and haven't missed an epi since. I think it has been the most debated s/l of all time. Everybody chose a side and the fight was on! ohhh and l wish Sabrina was around longer she was so beautiful and brought a whole different style and class of woman to GC. My eyes were really glued to the tube then.lol 8)

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Re: What was last story line that had you glued to TV?

Postby zuzu61 » Tue Aug 20, 2013 10:39 pm

Quote PatBA: I did not like the Ricky story line at all. Good acting, I did love Paul in that, He was great!!

I agree! NOT the S/L, but the scene with Paul/DD in the doorway, holding the gun, screaming at Ricky with tears streaming down his face. O.M.G... AMAZING Acting by DD.
Outstanding EMMY Winning Acting!! :)

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Re: What was last story line that had you glued to TV?

Postby trunks » Tue Aug 20, 2013 10:51 pm

Quote Jackie10: Shadam New Orleans. Shadam Kansas. Shadam in the barn during the tornado. Shadam in the hospital after Adam was shot and Sharon stayed by his side. Shadam anywhere together.

Lol you're too much!!

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Re: What was last story line that had you glued to TV?

Postby PurrrrrrrKitty » Wed Aug 21, 2013 12:15 am

I have to dip waayyyy back in time.. when Victor took off to find himself.. got robbed, I think his car was burned.. friends and family in G.C. thought he was dead.. but he ended up walking to Hope's farm in Kansas.... the building of their relaltionship was fantastic. Hope was the ONLY female that Victor could not fool.. he was mesmerized by her honesty..

Nina and David Kimble.. thriller..

Nikki finding Victor's Mother and re-uniting them after many, many years and Victor finding out the truth why his Mother HAD to put him in the orphanage.

Paul and Cassandra's love story. mixed with intrigue and mystery.. Brad tricked Cassandra into marrying him.. ended up getting her home after she died..

Malcomn's love story with the beautiful female that had aids.. but he married her anyway.

Cricket finding her Mother, who ended up marrying John Abbott. She also had aids.. lived a short time after their marriage.

Dina (Jack and Ashley's Mother) returning to G.C. after she had run off and left the Abbott family for years...She had married a very rich man in France.. but he had died.. she had a grown step son with her... who became very interested in Ashley. Dina and Katherine, the best of friends.

Brad being kidnapped by his ex and put in a life size cage way out in a deserted house.. she was nuts.. lol..

I think Bill Bell wrote all of those.. He wrote many others that I truly enjoyed.. but those were my favorites.

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