What happened to Daisy?

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Re: What happened to Daisy?

Postby fairland » Sun Aug 11, 2013 10:23 pm

Quote Sylviastel: I would have written daisy differently! Although I liked daisy when she was trying to help Paul out about Ricky but the writers wrote her out!
I still think she should return to gc. She would get in touch with Kevin.
She tells him that Ryder got her out by hiring a woman to play mom. Ryder is on a crime spree and conned daisy into going along. Daisy breaks free and goes to gc. She wants to see Lucy. She gets Kevin to side with her.
Kevin talks to Daniel who agrees that Lucy should know daisy.
Daniel flies in, he and daisy talk about divorce and custody! No more courts lawyers! Daniel declares. He suggests daisy comes to live in savannah. There is an apt in his building. Daisy agrees to working it out for Lucy's sake. Daisy makes final amends to Paul who forgives her! She even apologizes to Lauren & Michael before leaving with Daniel!
Kevin arrives with Lucy who goes crazy for daiSy!
That's how I would have written it!

I highly doubt that is the case against daisy that Ryder would have any part of how daisy left with another character that we do not even know about.I believe that Paul's ex Wife have something to do with the fact that ricky' died over paul shooting Ricky in the upper arm before his death. I just love your commit that Ryder would be hide the fact that daisy ran away from Ryder that is very funny to read out loud.Yes at one point that daniel did file papers to get custody away from daisy on daniel's own accord instead of listing to Phyllis about anything that Phyllis had to say.

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