Michelle Stafford's Future Revealed

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Re: Michelle Stafford's Future Revealed

Postby jgurl » Mon Jul 29, 2013 9:24 am

Quote granny45:
Quote Homesick Cajun:
Quote edaem1:
Quote Homesick Cajun:
Quote jaquenlaw: YR just put out a casting call:

U/5: Seeking a female actress who from the back has a little longer than shoulder length, straight (NOT curly) dark-reddish brown hair and is 5'6 to 5'9.

Sounds like a Phyllis look-alike....

JFP & Co., should be ashamed of themselves!

Why? If she left and says she will not be returning, is the show supposed to wait for some certain period of time before the character is recast? Besides, I think that is an old casting call. I believe that was for Rose's daughter Ann who is redhead or the Lauren look alike who is also redhead. I want Sandra Nelson back, personally.

If you read the post I was responding to it states that Y&R just put out this casting call.

Also, I do not want them to recast the part.

I feel Michelle Stafford was pushed out by JFP, that is based on what I have read repeatedly about her dislike for female actresses past a certain age. And with the treatment of other actresses in the same age group on this program, I have no reason to doubt what I have read.

IMO Michelle Stafford was and is Phyllis. I feel any other actress in that role would be a poor imitation. No fault of any other actress. Just would not be Phyllis.

I agree - but that being said - what are you gonna do?? Michelle left - doesn't want the job - and we NEED a Phyllis because Sharon needs her a$$ kicked and SOON! So we must march on with someone new and hope they are fiesty!

I agree, Phyllis is needed because she needs to come and ruin all sharon's evil plans.

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