How dare sharon Collins Newman

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Re: How dare sharon Collins Newman

Postby BiancaReeseRules » Wed Jul 24, 2013 1:11 pm

Quote nygiant: It's too bad Sharon wasn't lurking after Nick and Avery found Phyliss to see the concern and love Nick was feeling at that momment for Phyliss. I loved the way he was stroking her hair with his hand on her back while talking to her.

Me nick still loves Phyllis and was a hospital with Phyllis than care less about Sharon and when nick finds the true about what Sharon to his daughter and that Sharon but Phyllis in coma he not be to happy and will Avery be upset with Sharon

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Re: How dare sharon Collins Newman

Postby glh1950 » Wed Jul 24, 2013 1:13 pm

And that's all cool. That's what the soaps are for! They can all be as good or bad as the writers let them so we can be as happy or feel as guilty over our joy in their unhappiness. They get to do what we can only dream or dare doing, the more outrageous the more exciting the more fun to watch. BUT, there's always a but, there has to be some kind of believable context or realistic continuity to keep the viewers engaged. Y&R is not doing well. Maybe the writers are going to head us into science fiction or fantasy storylines, not far from what's been happening. So it's not the Sharon we all knew and loved, get over it, just be glad the writers haven't made her the long lost evil twin.

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