At least blogger story faded away

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Re: At least blogger story faded away

Postby On a Clear Day » Wed Jul 24, 2013 10:43 am

Quote Homesick Cajun:
Quote Tybee Island:
Quote Homesick Cajun:
Quote cards1: It's coming BACK..Rose is a new cast member...because we don't have enough new cast members.

Who can keep day they show one S/l, the next day switch gears show something else, now they are going to put the Summer DNA on hold to go back to destroy the Winters family, and bury Kay. Then it will be back to the never ending Chelsea lie, then Milly's sexual harassment against Adam, then Lily wanting Tyler but jealous of Hilary. Then Cane jealous of Tyler, and probably cheat with Hilary, then it will be the fight over CI,and Lauren will probably still be tied to a chair, and on and on, they have to much going on, no continuity at all. These writers are ALL OVER THE PLACE.....

At this point I wouldn't be surprised to see Gus come back as a ghost. Or Dylan's dad, who they brought on for one day to die, maybe he will haunt Chelsea...LOL.

LOL! Thanks Cards1 for my morning laugh!!
Wish you posted on the message board more!

This may post twice, first time didn't work.

Sad to say, but I think that synopsis is all too true! LOL

Agree! I think Cards1 is right on the money!! Unfortunately!

I agree too! Sometimes when I tune in, I think I must have missed episodes because the show jumps around and does not stay and finish anything or drags it out forever. I have noticed that sometimes this new team actually starts out with a decent idea but then they ruin the middle and end with really dumb plot twists, no sensible character actions, dragging it out, etc.

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