I see so much MORE happening

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I see so much MORE happening

Postby strawberrypop » Thu Jul 18, 2013 7:13 pm

When the paternity story began, it appeared pretty quickly that Summer did NOT belong to Nick. Now they are making it appear that Jack is NOT Summers father.

I do not think the paternity is truly established just yet.

Its moving to quickly.

I think the paternity still could go either way.

I do however agree with whomever it was that said thecreation of the paternity test was never really about changing Summers paternity, but that it was to bring the conclusion of Phyllis.

I have said and will always say the paternity story waws only designed to have one last Phyllis/Sharon fan war before its over.

Originally the spoilers read that Nick was going to have great consequences to his actions, but so far I have seen Nick suffer no consequences at all. They are making it all a Sharon issue.

So if anything they are planning on turning Sharon into the new villain since the best of the best villains will now be in a coma.

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Re: I see so much MORE happening

Postby ski lady » Thu Jul 18, 2013 7:23 pm

I agree with your entire post, but I really hope the writers are not trying to morph Sharon into Phyllis. They used to be opposites and it won't make anyone happy--Sharon fans or Phyllis fans--to try to turn Sharon into nuPhyllis. It won't sell. Sharon having BPD is believable, but she isn't like Phyllis. They are going to have to replace MS or else find a new character who is similar (Melanie perhaps?) to Phyllis. I like Sharon, but she's no Phyllis.

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Re: I see so much MORE happening

Postby habbyfan » Thu Jul 18, 2013 7:42 pm

ITA ... you two have read my mind, this making Sharon into Phyllis is .... writers not knowing the characters history.

I know when JG came back he said he would not even try to right the wrongs of s/l's he would instead write for the character ...

Thus far this is an epic fail Nick is still being babied by one and all ... what kind of retribution is that ?)

Some of the stories I do like Likey for instance ... it is about time they had a s/l

Neil needs a s/l and so does Jill ... so far this is a giant mess ...

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