Nellie B claims Doug Davidson strangled him!

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Re: Nellie B claims Doug Davidson strangled him!

Postby trinilisa » Thu Jul 18, 2013 4:47 pm

quote]Quote maja:
Quote budhardt3: The more I hear about this twink, Nelson Branco, the more I am convinced that he is merely ticked at Doug Davidson for being successful because he knows deep down inside that he, himself, is a useless individual. Who cares what he thinks he "knows" about the soap opera world???

As a Canadian, I can honestly say that he is am embarrassment to our country.

Well, there's always Justin Beiber...opps :D[/quote]

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Re: Nellie B claims Doug Davidson strangled him!

Postby Paggie » Thu Jul 18, 2013 5:05 pm

Quote hubbardfan: DD may have even been playfully 'choking' him for ruining a celebratory moment by bringing up MM's name, and he took it as an 'assault'! And since they were all presumably drunk...why are we hearing about this NOW, why not the next day after the Emmys??

NB did tweet at the time about an incident that happened to him at the Emmy's without naming names but sent a cryptic email to DD shortly after saying "don't strangle anyone on the Talk". But he was obviously saving the whole big story up for when he could publish the scandalous details in his subscription ezine. Maybe he was pondering the legal stuff first.

I don't doubt there was some sort of altercation but at the same time there had to be some definite provocation. NB isn't a DD fan or JFP/JG fan. He boasted he let JFP have it at the CBS Emmy party. He's always been pretty snarky in the past about DD's acting and more recently about his Emmy reel. He still admits he's not a fan and scathingly refers to DD as a "former hair model". He was championing MM for an Emmy. So why did he join dd he join DD his wife and CLB for a drink? Was there a motive there? They obviously aren't exactly buddies. Was he "on the job"?

Even if alcohol was involved there had to be something really major to push DD's buttons on the most exciting night of his career. He's not known for being a scrapper.

My best guess is that Branco was hoping for gossip/quotes for his on line mag and maybe pushed too hard. Though it seems he may have got a bit more than what he was going for!

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Re: Nellie B claims Doug Davidson strangled him!

Postby Barbyboo » Thu Jul 18, 2013 5:26 pm

Actually mm is a muh better actor than Davidson and sexy too. Davidson probably is jealous because his role is mostly walk in now

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