Chelsea, the walls are closing in fast!!!

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Re: Chelsea, the walls are closing in fast!!!

Postby TwoOfEach » Thu Jul 18, 2013 5:20 pm

Quote Kendrick1994:
Quote glh1950: Dylan's still in love with Avery. He doesn't have her so right or wrong he needed something to focus his life on and Chelsea fit right in. He has to know it's not his child but he acts as if it is because he 'wants' it to be his. And nobody better mess with his family!

That will hurt Chelsea so much knowing that Dylan Doesn't love her, he needs a third party to tell him how he feels. Like prime example the 4/22 episode he went to see Sharon and to tell Sharon ,Chelsea was pregnant with his child, he was ready to leave the child behind, but Sharon for some reason talked him out of it then he was ready to be a father ,please suhn!!! These writers do not fool me ,I pick up on the little things and major details.And not to be harsh but Chelsea is to Dylan as Chloe is to Billy.And another example the 7/16 show he was supposed to get Chelsea a sandwich From CL but he was more worried about Avery's situation than his own fiance.Chelsea girl i think you may have over estimated your "blue-eyed" "perfect" baby daddy.

Well, Chelsea's primarily interested in dylan as #1 dad so fair is fair. She knows that both Avery and Dylan have feelings for each other and isn't jealous--speaks a lot to the situation.

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Re: Chelsea, the walls are closing in fast!!!

Postby Castro » Thu Jul 18, 2013 5:35 pm

I can't wait to see this fraud exposed! Chelsea's attitude about the entire situation disgusts me. She's a selfish, needy witch only looking out for herself and what SHE wants. Putting a baby on another man is just wrong. Adam's no prize but at least she KNOWS he would love his baby unconditionally. Heck, he loved her but she was too selfish to accept his love (denying him because he wanted to run NE was just ridiculous but leaving GC to fund HER designing career in Paris was Ok ~)

Dylan is gullible but he'll probably surprise her and TAKE the baby 8)

Victoria needs to be exposed for her threats as well.

Chloe needs to be held accountable for her stupid idea (she planted this in Chelsea's head)

Can't stand this story! Well, I'm not liking ANY of the story lines. The writers had a good thing going and then they derailed and crashed.

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