Lauren look-alike and video

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Re: Lauren look-alike and video

Postby Homesick Cajun » Thu Jul 18, 2013 3:01 pm

Quote sgtppr:
Quote Homesick Cajun:
Quote sgtppr:
Quote Homesick Cajun: I also think you are correct! I watched live yesterday and then again with my husband on the DVR, he thinks it's Lauren, but I don't! I think it's the look a like! Unfortunately after we watched last night we deleted it, otherwise I would check again! But I think you are correct!

you can watch a full episode on the CBS site for Y&R. If I miss it (we don't DVR) and want to watch it I go on the site in the morning and watch it.

Thanks sgtppr, I know I just hate trying to do that, it freezes so bad for me most of the time, and right now I'm annoyed with Comcast lol so don't think I need CBS to annoy me too! LOL

we have Charter and sometimes they are a pain also. The only saving grace is I hate TV and only watch Y&R and the news so they can't pee me off too badly!!! I have found that heat and weather are a big factor but that may be the hot room the computer is in also we are a long way off the road so if it is wet our cable is bad.....OMGTMI!!!! sorry

LOL!!! That's quite alright! When I was typing that earlier I could oh so easily have gone off on a complete RANT about Comcast !!!! :)

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Re: Lauren look-alike and video

Postby hubbardfan » Thu Jul 18, 2013 3:45 pm

That was Lauren in the video, they all saw her face clearly! Now Carmine will use the look-alike to continue the harassment; after Lauren left, his comment was, 'never say never'! which means he intends to now use the video with the other woman to make it look like she's back in his bed; this will further enrage them all until either Fen or Lauren actually kills him! Mike may still be in jail, unless someone gets him out before then!

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