How many Y&R fans feel insulted right now???

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Re: How many Y&R fans feel insulted right now???

Postby habbyfan » Fri Jul 19, 2013 12:47 pm

Quote Kimmd:
Quote jackiejones:
Quote deceived:
Quote catnip123:
Quote daydreamer21: With how the show is going I know I feel pretty insulted. I was hoping for things to improve not get much worse. I am not entertained not one bit by any of the s/l's they are all substandaed to me. WTH has happened to Y&R.

I guess the new regime is starting where the old one left off with bad s/l's. I don't keep up with writers and which soaps they have written for in the past. So does anyone know where this team came from? I am just curious because this style of writing reminds me of DOL many many years ago?

Like I said I am INSULTED and wont be watching any longer. I will keep reading this msg board periodically to see if things ever improve.

imo, this jill felps is worse than mab. i feel the writers like to gaslight the audience. their stories are boring & insulting.

Yes, this writing and the 'twists and turns' are not entertaining.

It's never fun getting punked and that's what the writers have done with this paternity story. They played a hoax on the audience.

It was totally justified. JFP is not the one!

I think this was written as an exit s/l for Phyllis,she is seen to be protecting her famleeeeeeee her dotter is now in danger from the wicked Sharon,Bahhhhhhhhhhha

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Re: How many Y&R fans feel insulted right now???

Postby daisy1984 » Fri Jul 19, 2013 12:59 pm

Quote habbyfan:
Quote On a Clear Day:
Quote LucySnowe: Fiction has rules, folks. Fiction doesn't mean characters can suddenly do something no one saw coming because the writers wanted to "surprise us". Fiction doesn't mean you can play a hoax on the viewers. Do you honestly think novels are written like this? Let me tell the reader one thing for 300 pages and then, ha ha, I will trick the reader and say "I WAS KIDDING!" How is that entertaining. It's BS. It's absolutely disrespecting your reader/audience's time, emotion and above all TRUST.

You don't have to feel insulted, of course. But please do not suggest that those of who are feeling insulted are somehow unclear that we are watching "fiction."

I am done with this show. I don't care what twists are coming. These writers are not qualified to be penning this material. They have broken rules writers are told never ever to touch.

I am more than insulted. I'm embarrassed to watch this mess.

Excellent points.

I am not sure,but the thing I find most bothersome is that the story her should be Nick ... this is something he should have taken care of 18 years ago.It is not good enough to say *I new in my heart* we all know the heart can be fooled.

Meanwhile we see a very disturbed mind (Sharon) telling Cassie she changed the letter,once again we are seeing from where she is standing how her mind works(I still believe Victor has replaced her meds with the placebo) time will tell,and Nick will be planning his wedding.

Nick is responsible for this mess and anything that happens to Sharon from this point on. JMO

Nick IS responsible for this mess. However, if Sharon had not altered the report about the test results, Nick would have been informed that he WAS Summer's father. If that was the case, Nick would continue to keep what he did 18 years ago a secret; because he was right in believing that Summer was his. So, Sharon's interference made everything worse.

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Re: How many Y&R fans feel insulted right now???

Postby coolkraft » Fri Jul 19, 2013 3:38 pm

a damn shame what they have done to Y & R.....

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height now???

Postby championofopinions » Fri Jul 19, 2013 4:19 pm

Sharon changing the DNA results have made me conclude that the writers think that the fans will put up with anything and our right to have a plot that at least make some sense no wonder alot of my friends have started watching the bold and beautiful more than the Y&R. I feel for Sharon's character which has been make look foolish and petty time after time after time instead of her being a good mother and a good partner for Nick

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Re: How many Y&R fans feel insulted right now???

Postby Lanie1959 » Fri Jul 19, 2013 4:31 pm

I am not insulted I guess Sharon was involved back when we saw her at the hospital, they been saying for months now her meds weren't doing the job plus we heard Sharon say out's happening again.

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