To save Y&R- do the following

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Re: To save Y&R- do the following

Postby deceived » Mon Jul 08, 2013 11:08 am

Quote jmunoz4u: 1. Get rid of Leslie Michaelson's family story. Keep her as a tough, honest, straightforward lawyer as when first stared with show. By-bye Tyler, Gus, Rose
2. Tie all Abbotts to Jabot and all Newmans to Newman. Get rid of those lame side businesses, like bars, restaurants, clubs, lounges, magazines. It's the all in one family/business/social conflict people like to watch about Jabot vs Newman
3. Expand Fenmore business story. Use Lauren and her son Scott as a new avenue to create business tension with Newman & Jabot. Scott is a mystery to us all because we don't him. This is Fenn's big brother after all and Lauren's first son- a son that was a BIG player in the Sheila Carter days. Using Scott as a new/old character has so much potential with new Abbotts and new Newmans.
4. Give us closure and good explanation on Ricky Williams death if he is not returning. HOWEVER, his return would be cool. Ricky became very interesting and was very handsome. The audience was completely sidelined in this story.
5. No more Newbies from other soaps.
6. Need some comic relief- We need Gloria and Jeff somehow in these stories.
7. Has got to go- Dylan, Avery, Chavez, Kevin. BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8. Bring back the old background music. The new stuff sounds generic and a lot like other soaps music. Y&R's music seemed very original. Not now.
9, Address a mortal disease to bring awareness- sickle cell anemia, Hepatitis C, HIV, diabetes. Character will have to die to have the impact.
10. A cat fight is desparately l needed. Sounds childish, but its fun- especially among classy individuals. Or, at least a really good face slap. A build up to this point would create suspense.
11. Now more than ever- do cross overs with B&B and other CBS vehicles.
12. Advertise this show. Create awareness that the show exists and still relevant.

I agree with most of this... I would like to add please get rid of the Chelsea Show, if she is not on, she is referred to...who cares about a fashion line.

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