Cassie's Return Connected to Paternity Reveal?

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Re: Cassie's Return Connected to Paternity Reveal?

Postby chancegirl » Thu Jun 27, 2013 9:45 am

Quote Kimmd:
Quote Sly women: I am so sick of Sharon & Nick, that ship has sailed, sailed, and sailed. >( Nick and Avery are a much better couple than Sharon & Nick!! 3). Why do the writers always go back and back.

I am glad that it is finally going to come out about the paternity, as that should of happened a long...long... time ago.

Why would the current writers want to reunite Shick? They are breaking up all MAB's couples. I see Sharon as angst for Navery and adding drama for July sweeps. There is nothing left to do with Shick.

I love shick, but I see them only reuniting if Sharon changed the test results. They will be trucking along happily until nick learns Sharon did something just as bad as Adam did.

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Re: Cassie's Return Connected to Paternity Reveal?

Postby observation » Thu Jun 27, 2013 10:27 am

Quote reng: I think Nick and Sharon are considered to be a Y&R supercouple, destined to eventually reunite. The new team may be planning to put them back together, and then they'll be put on the backburner so younger and newer characters can come to the forefront.

I think Josh is doing what no other writing team did...and what many has been waiting for, and that is to resolve once and for all the paternity story line and reunite Sharon and Nick.

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