Tyler.....needs to get checked

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Re: Tyler.....needs to get checked

Postby Chuckyducky » Thu Jun 27, 2013 1:25 pm

Quote cards1: KIR...ITA, Tyler should have checked that ego and tude at the door. Neil is/WAS his BOSS. Neil has worked his arse off to get where he is for TGVN, Kay, Jack...Now I don't always like Neil's actions...BUT in this case I say GO NEIL.

I LOVED Neil doing the Donald on Tyler, "Your fired" LMAO
I even rewound it and watched it again. lol

That said IDK if Leslie is going to take to kindly to Neil firing baby brother. 8)

When Tyler is paling around with Abby, he's great. I love watching him but at JABOT, he's actions were unprofessional and I just couldn't vibe with it. So yeah, I do agree he deserved to be fired.

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