What did Sharon do?

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Re: What did Sharon do?

Postby Spike1976 » Thu Jun 27, 2013 1:12 pm

Quote trinilisa:
Quote Spike1976: Why would you guys think that? I don't think Sharon had anything to do with switching the test results.

She was basically pouring her heart out in Cassie's grave about some of the things she did in her past especially how hurt she was that the bad Adam loved her but not the good Adam. She's feeling as though she's nothing and worthless.

I honestly don't know what to think about what she did. But she was talking about Cassie and family and feeling like the outsider looking in and needed to be happy. And then she says something like, and that's why I did what I did. Then at the end of that epi, that exchange with Shick and Faith leaving Avery by herself and going to bed, and Sharon with that smirk...I guess we're all wondering what it was she did...in order to try and ensure that she would be a family again (because she said that when they're all together and talking about Cassie, it feels like they're family, but when they all leave, she's alone again); and that's why she did what she did...

If I thought there was anything malicious I would have called out on it especially of her behavior last year to Chelsea the way she belittled Adam's relationship with Chelsea and how connected she was to him but this time I'm not seeing that with Avery.

Avery called out on her motives with Nick. It was Sharon's natural instinct to defend herself vs. she was just a plain old biotch to Chelsea last year. This is what the therapist was telling her regarding making herself available to people. She might not see the harm in it but some people might think otherwise. It is something she has to work on.

When she was confessing of what she have done. It sounds like all the things she did after Cassie died but I could be wrong.

Didn't Nick already got Summer's hair sample before Sharon found out his confession?

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