Peace Out Y&R (Phyllis-Kyle Storyline is the End)

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Re: Peace Out Y&R (Phyllis-Kyle Storyline is the End)

Postby JUJU41 » Mon Jul 01, 2013 7:27 pm

Quote pink sassylady: They did it on b&b so why not here. Let Phyllis and Kyle hook up. What if Kyle was using summer only to stay close to Phyllis.think about it. Yes he may not be. That much older than summer but it what 4 to 6 years maybe. He is out of college and he has been around .he also is able to get into clubs. Do we think that he will settle dating a girl who is 18 but isn't able to get into a club if they wanted. Phyllis said that he is more mature than summer .he is on a different level than summer. Yes summer is sweet and funny but I can see that wearing soon.

Yes, I can see how old Phyllis would be much more fun...give me a break. What a crummy way for Phyllis to cash in her chips.

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Re: Peace Out Y&R (Phyllis-Kyle Storyline is the End)

Postby Kimmd » Mon Jul 01, 2013 7:32 pm

Quote On a Clear Day: Why do they insist on dumbing down all the characters? Phyllis can be terrible but I really don't think she would ever hurt Jack or Summer by making out with Kyle and flaunting her sexuality around him and all that. It's so phoney and stupid. She would just make Nick tell the truth. I'm beginning to feel like soap writers must think we are all pretty stupid.

No she would not just tell the truth. No mother who loves her child would just say Summer, the father you loved, um the one who raise you, is not your father. Jack Abbott is, sorry about that! GMAB.

This is not some minor thing, this ripping your child's heart and stomping on it. If Phylis were stupid and didn't love her kid so much, maybe she would just tell her the truth and not care how much it hurt Summer. That would be a dumb thing for Phyllis to do! And it looks like Jack may NOT be her father after all!

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