I'm Confused... Isn't Chloe a Hypocrite (?SPOILER)

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Re: I'm Confused... Isn't Chloe a Hypocrite (?SPOILER)

Postby LJMOM812 » Sun Jun 23, 2013 4:58 pm

I cannot stand this character. She is so judgmental of others, and yet never owns up to her own mistakes. What really irks me is that she rarely gets called out for her bad behavior.

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Re: I'm Confused... Isn't Chloe a Hypocrite (?SPOILER)

Postby flyvicki » Sun Jun 23, 2013 8:16 pm

Super hypocrite! She thinks she's a better person already! Ha! When she saw Delia steal the doll, it wasn't just Kevin who had been stealing. She got off on it too and is still getting off on seeing Chelsea lie to everyone, which she is the inspiration for. Didn't she tell Chelsea how that backfired on her? She should definitely realize she needs just as much work as Kevin and accompany him to feed the homeless and whatever other improvement steps she gives him.

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Re: I'm Confused... Isn't Chloe a Hypocrite (?SPOILER)

Postby Traveling Lady » Mon Jun 24, 2013 1:44 am

Quote daydreamer21: I know Chloe stole the money from Chavez's sister (can't remember her name) but did she also steal from Mrs. C?

So why is she so hard on Kevin. She was all for the stealing at one point. I ask this b/c I read that she is going to talk to Billy about his gambling and Kevin catches them holding hands. So you have compassion for Billy concerning his addiction but not your husband when you were part of his problem. Do the writers forget about the things they have written in the past b/c Chloe's response make no sense to me at all.

I must say I can very well see why everyone is complaining. This Soap lacks intrigue and passion big time. And for me those are the things that draw me in. I don't know who was responsible for the Vick/Billy s/l but that relationship had me hooked but not so much anymore. I am starting to feel like that about many of the characters and s/l's. It's like everyone is written so out of character. The writters are not writing any s/l that I care about. It's like they don't know how to close one in order to open another.

I was really excitied for the big paternity reveal but not so much anymore. It seems to be a dud, like a fire cracker that you lite but it doesn't POPS. I need some passion, some intrigue, hell a s/l that makes sense and that flows. My aunt and I both watch this Soap and she would always call me weekly and say "are you caught up on Y&R and then we would talk or laugh about whatever was going on. We haven't discussed this soap in I know at least a month or more. She didn't even call me after the big paternity reveal.

I am sorry... I hate to start another I am so dissappointed in this soap thread but I honestly am baffeled by Chloe's reponse to her husbands stealing which just a few short weeks ago she was very much in support of and now he (not her) is such a disappointment to her and Dehlia and she has compassion and understanding for Billy. They want to start a new s/l with Vicky and Kevin both thinking Billy and Chloe are cheating which is not only stupid but it feels very sloppy as well. WTH... this soap needs some consistency.

One last point... How in the hell in Adam going to blackmail Billy using his gambling to get Victoria to leave Newman. It makes no sense and Billy came clean anyway. CONSISTENCY PEOPLE (WRITERS)!!!!!! Stick with the damn fertility s/l let them have hot passionate scenes and finally give them a baby. Hell like someone said you gave Chelsea 3 in a year.

Thanks everyone I needed to vent.

Your comments were very good. You voice my sentiments. I don't know how someone can follow Chloe's advice when she did the same thing and it backfired in her face. Chloe was stealing with Kevin. Chelsea was a big time scam artist. The writers think we don't remember from one day to another but thank goodness some of you remember and for that I am THANKFUL!!! The writers should read our posts and see we are not as dumb as they think we are... :-)

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