Is ANYONE knowledgeable about the Y&R soundtrack?

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Is ANYONE knowledgeable about the Y&R soundtrack?

Postby ivanwinters » Thu Jun 20, 2013 2:57 am

I love that soundtrack and it makes me miss the old music even more. The detailed notes were beautiful and breathtaking. My grandmother is getting married and I want to use one of the songs I heard on the album years ago but when I tried to look for it yesterday I can't find it and I've been through every track over and over. The song always played up until last year when JFP took over and revamped the music. On a site that shall not be named it plays at the very end of a scene between "Victor and Hope" when she's on her death bed and telling Victor that Adam needs to know Victoris his father. If someone could help me understand if the song is on the album that would be great and if not where could I find it? PLEASE HELP! God bless!

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