Maybe Summer AND Faith are both Jack's!? After

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Re: Maybe Summer AND Faith are both Jack's!? After

Postby go2girl » Thu Jun 20, 2013 4:33 am

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Quote go2girl: watching the scene today with Summer and Faith (it was cute and entertaining), it could be possible. Wonder if it was "telling" as well? Summer made a comment about always being sisters with Faith, hmmm...

I've always been a firm believer in the "prophecy child" but it would serve justice to Nick for Faith to be Jack's so that Jack could raise a daughter of his own. Nick would be devasted and doesn't he deserve that much after what he's done?

I see your point, G2G, but for me the desired outcome has always been that no child of Phyl's be a Newman genetically. Knowing how important that is to her, I just love the idea of her not really having had a kid with Nick. And Sharon did--that's a bonus. It's what manipulative, unremorseful, others'-very-lives-mean-nothing-to-her-and-when-they-die-she-feels-relieved ole Phyl deserves!

Where has it been shown that it's so important for Phyl to have a Newman child? I haven't seen her make any romantic advances towards any other Newman, past or present.

Phyllis made an advance on Victor but he turned her down was a long time ago.

I don't recall that. Besides, it doesn't mean she's desperate for a Newman child. It just means she has poor taste in men.

Well it happened. Phyllis was/is desperate for a NN child. But that's shattered now and she is pizzed!

Show me where she was desperate for a Newman child, cuz I still don't see it. It would be more believable if she shagged all three Newman men, but she's only been with Nick. She's never displayed herself as someone desperate for being high atop the social ladder or hungry for undeserved wealth. I've seen a hard working woman who climbed that ladder on her own merit, not by nepotism or spawning a Newman.

I'm not implying Phyllis wanted a Newman child but rather a NN (Nick Newman) child. She has always been obsessed with Danny and Nick. She wanted her "miracle child" to be Nick's desperately over Jack but now the truth has come out. She climbed the social ladder as a result of being married to a Newman. Of course she was also involved with the Abbott's too.

Desperate for one mans child is a far cry from your original statement.

The hatred for Phyllis is just unbelievable. I am amazed MS stayed at Y&R as long as she did.

Really, hatred for Phyllis, she is a fiction character what does MS have to do with her except play the part and get paid for it. Surely she has more sense than what is given to her. Statements such as this one is so unbelievable.

You could say that again. Apparently talking about a character = talking about the actress that plays the character. ~) Some peeps really need to learn the difference.

Its very scary to say the least when you see how some "peeps" as you call them, either lust over actors that they cannot differentiate between them and the character they play. I do "smh" and some time my fists. ~)

Or their hate overrides their reason and common sense and they go off on tangents that are nothing but conjecture and make believe fueled only by wishful thinking. Phyllis sleeping with Kyle? Still haven't seen anyone back that fantasy up with any spoiler info to substantiate it

This isn't even on topic....LOL!

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