To me the writer are doing a good job

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To me the writer are doing a good job

Postby weatherholt3 » Sat Jun 15, 2013 2:44 pm

Just take a look at this message board there is not one S/L that isn't being talked about, the paternity..Summer/Kyle retlationship... Sharon's down fall(which I hope the writer are going to be fixing soon)..who's behind Neil's blog.. who is Rose and what is her relationship to Leslie and Tyler.... Lily/Cane/Tyler/Hilary who's going to cheat first, Billy and Vikki.....,Victor and Adam who's taking who down.... who is Avery new assist who is she and is working for Victor to throw off Adam ..Chelsea/Dylan/Adam when will Adam and Dylan find out the truth.... who is Adam really in love with.... Avery/Nick will they or won't they get married..... Phyllis/Jack how is the reveal of the paternity going to affect them.... Chloe and Kevin will they are won't they last.... Michael/Lauren/Fen/Carmine.. Abby/Chavez/Tyler will Abby and Tyler have a thing for each other.. the return of Camryn Grimes will she or wont she bring Nick and Sharon back together.. we all knows its coming how will they write Katherine death and who will end up with Chancellor Devon,Cane,Jill,Tucker,Brock,Mac or will she give them all a part of it, if she leaves it to Cane will Jill and if the rumor are true that Tucker is coming back will Tucker fight for control.... my opinion there is alot of mystery going on right now. This has been the first time in a long time that I have been wanting to watch. Is some of the things unbelieveable yes but after all it is a soap opera.....

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Re: To me the writer are doing a good job

Postby fairland » Sat Jun 15, 2013 2:57 pm

I am loving all the stuff that the new writer that are going on right about now. I love how chelsea confronts adam how Adam did pay off the fortune teller to chelsea that adam has a lot of regrets that adam had more than a hard time to let go. Over the idea what adam is thinking that adam is the baby father over dylan. That too me is great writing to me.
I also love the writing over how lily blew off tyler to play house mate with cane because cane was really digging the truth that lily was the one that quite her job so tyler could keep working at jabot. cane was more than clueless to hear what lily have to say instead of cane acting all jealous when lily came home while drunk. I love the entire triangle between cane/lily/tyler story line.

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