Future Couples You Would Like To See

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On a Clear Day
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Re: Future Couples You Would Like To See

Postby On a Clear Day » Mon Jun 17, 2013 10:25 pm

Quote Gemini50:
Quote On a Clear Day: Since they deconstructed, ruined or damaged so many past couples, maybe too many to go back and repair any of them, I might opt to pair up several new ones.

Nick/Sheryl (Cane's new assistant)
Carmine/Courtney (Summer's shallow friend)
Chelsea/Ricky (evil twin or brought back from the dead)
Neil/Olivia (if she ever comes back on)

Adam/somebody new and dynamic- maybe Sheryl if not with Nick. Melonie seems boring with no spark.

Chloe with Ronan or Chance if they ever come back on.
Or Vicki with Ronan, and Chloe with Billy.


No thanks. The writers ruined Chadam and also Shadam so badly that I no longer care about either pairing and hope they all go with new partners.

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Re: Future Couples You Would Like To See

Postby jacksmyguy » Wed Jun 19, 2013 8:23 pm

JACK AND PHYLLIS but since it looks like that is a lost cause at this point, Jack and Emily or someone kind who will last for more than five minutes and not break his heart.

PAUL AND CHRISTINE - Please give this couple a good story line to build on and let them find some happiness again.

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