Dylan & Victoria - New Couple?

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Dylan & Victoria - New Couple?

Postby eternallyShick » Mon Jun 10, 2013 7:44 pm

When Dylan finds out the truth about Chelsea's baby, that will be the end of them.

Villy is divorcing, so that frees up Victoria.

Dylan + Victoria = New couple?

I feel bad for Dylan. You can tell he desperately wants kids, a home, family, dog. Victoria is pumped full of hormones and ready to have a baby. She has a home, dog, little Reed. All that's missing is a man who wants to make a baby with her!

DYLAN sounds perfect! Their priorities mesh, they would fit well together, and Dylan could hold his own with any Newman.

After Shick reunite, I think Avery will move to Jack and raise her baby (Nick's bio-baby) with JACK ABBOTT! The ultimate payback.

If Jack can't have Phyllis, he'll take her sister. :D

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