Has anyone else noticed that the Newman's are all

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Re: Has anyone else noticed that the Newman's are all

Postby frootloop » Sun May 26, 2013 2:56 pm

Quote Lanie1959:
Quote Sunnyflower:
Quote Lanie1959: K for the sake of argument I have to point out that Adam and Chelsae's baby hasn't even been born yet so I can't call what Victoria is doing kidnapping because the baby is with it's mother and Nick hasn't taken Summer from her parents which is kidnapping, unlike Faith who was taken from Nick and Sharon ..Summer has been with at least one parent if not two...we don't know yet

So it is only a crime if the baby is taken from its mother? That doesn't seem right to me.

No you are twisting my words... even if Adam knew about the baby would still be in the same place ..it has not been kidnapped!! unlike what happened to Faith wh was taken from her parents and the parents were led to believe the child was dead..that didn't happen to Summer or Chelsae's baby

Jack was led to believe he had no child. Instead Nick stole her for 18 years.

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