Choking, Proms, Coffee and Maury !

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Choking, Proms, Coffee and Maury !

Postby Boogie Nite Owl » Fri May 17, 2013 2:17 pm

"When it comes to eighteen year old Summer Newman, Nick, you are not the father!" apart of me felt sorry for Nick today, the other part, not so much. So it's obvious now that he's known for some time that Summer isn't his daughter. I get that he doesn't want to lose another child after Cassie but.... he has Faith who is his only biological daughter. Why raise another daughter that's not yours? Jack has no daughters. He deserves to know about Summer. And did you all see how Micheal wrapped his hand around Carmine's neck?! damn. Micheal had him like Jason Voorhies! he was ready to kill that man not that i blame him though because Carmine was outta line. And i did feel sorry for Fen. I mean he is trying not to be crazy but Summer isn't making it easy for the boy. He seemed so happy that she was going to the prom with him only to blow him off right at the front door of nick's house. Sheesh, Summer could've at least waited til they were in the damn car to brake his heart. I guess she's going to have to learn lessons the hard way. TEENAGERS! And what's with all the coffee drinking?! summer's right around the corner. don't these people want to drink some lemonade or a slush or something? this is why they're always up thinking about there problems at all hours of the night because they drink too much coffee! have a good weekend everybody.

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Re: Choking, Proms, Coffee and Maury !

Postby go2girl » Fri May 17, 2013 5:02 pm

Excellent recap. Have a great weekend as well! Here's to discussing all the proms, choking, and brats!

Hopefully Summer doesn't turn out too much like Phyllis but it doesn't look like much hope there..

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