Shocking Spoiler for Summer's Paternity Revealed!!

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Re: Shocking Spoiler for Summer's Paternity Revealed!!

Postby Laloni » Thu May 16, 2013 5:31 pm

Quote Wentworthmillerbrigh: Well we have heard about the spoilers that Summer is Jack's daughter and Nick has been hiding this secret for 18 years!!

Solid rumour has it that the story might unfold as follows: What if due to this huge mistake before the full story comes out Summer and Kyle go to bed together. Wouldn't that be a rather dramatic and excellent writing. Then the revealation comes out that they are siblings. Rumour has it that Kyle eventually falls for summer big time and summer shows to everyone that there is no prove of them being interested in each other by using Fern; while she secretly meets with Kyle at Jack's and Phyllis's ignorance. And most importantly making nick relieved and so no need to divulge the secret. All of this at Kyle's dismay who would like them to approach their parents and explain they are in love. His greatest fear is actually Fern who he thinks might soon live in that reality but summer says Fern is a nice guy!! In the course of their secret encounters the chemistry becomes too unbearable that although they promised each other to be patient, they sucum to their desire and they make love.

And after finding out that Summer actually bedded Kyle from her discussions with her friend, Fenmore relives his mother cheating on his dad and suddenly believes women are all not loyal and trustworthy and consequently gets furious; looses it and plans to rape Summer.

They go out for a fun time in the woods just as lovers will do. To make this convincing he tells Phyllis and Jack he has a great surprise for summer and they all approve of it seeing that Summer successfully convinces them she is into Fern. He texts Kyle that His so called love interest is in danger sending it as an anonymous person and claims there is nothing He can do about it. And that He will pay for taking what belongs to another.

Panicking, Kyle immediately heeds for her search. Summer haven told him she will be hanging out with friends not wanting him to be jealous and prevent her from going out with Fen to the woods alone who he thinks is so messed up. Kyle decides to go out in search for her; after calling Phyllis and Jack who are intimately making love after appreciating teenage love when summer and fen were around before leaving. While perturbed and trying to get hold of nick, Kyle misses his lane and has a horrible car accident.He is badly injured!

Once alone with summer in the woods far from GC while summer becomes comfortable and appreciates Fen for being so loving and the best thing that has ever happened to her; Fen reveals how truly messed up He is and reveals how bitter and angry he is to have been used by summer once again and how obsessed he is with Summer and how just like his mother she will give up their friendship and love for Kyle. The reason being Fern strongly believed and boasted over the idea that summer fell for him and not Kyle. Only for him to find out he was played and used!!

Summer scared tries to escape, she succeeds in a while but he gets hold of her latter; and tells her no one is here for her, not even her sweet heart Kyle; lets see how you defend yourself he says; she screams; He ties her mouth to prevent her from making noise and attracting attention and begins to tear her clothes to shreds when she wouldn't listen and keeps screaming help!! help!! in an attempt to rape her. He eventually succeeds getting rid of her clothes; as he is close to raping her (He evntually starts), summer crawls harder, hurting her body on the woody environment as she sees an object that with help her out. She begs fern not to do this to her; in an endeavour to distract Him.

In an attempt to defend herself Summer Injures Him terribly with the wood she managed to grap and hits Fern so hard on his head; this pushes Him down the slope and in the course of which He falls on an extremely hard rock; being severely injured; with blood everywhere, summer panics and start shouting. Summer can't trace her phone as Fen destroyed it without her knowing when they stepped out of the car in the bid that he wanted to keep their belongings safe and prevent them from being disturbed by anybody. Confused she screams, shouting, cries deeply in hope help gets to them somehow. This leaves fern between life and death!!

A new character is introduced who is a wealthy Rancher and has taken over this fathers possessions and have moved into Genoa City;He was visiting his late dad's property since he left him at 9 years to live with his mum in england. He will be the one to assit Summer after she manages to run in the woods in search of help. This charming young man soon becomes Sharon's interest on the long run. I wonder who will be acting this character.

Jack is called about Kyle's accident.Only for them to get to the hospital and see Summer crying and being examined and seeing fern all covered as though dead!!

If true, Nick will be devastated and GC will be raged at Him same for Lauren and Carmine. This will be the best drama ever!! Not anticipated at all, extreme but yet it will portray all the characters at their best acting Skill.

The partenity issue will be revealed when Kyle will be in hospital haven lost so much blood and between life and death. Jack's blood is not compatible so Nick fearing Kyle might die says "Summer can help him out...She is his sister" In complete Shock Phyllis, Avery, Jack, Michael and Nikki and Victor and Victoria are all shocked to learn this.

So writers keep it coming!! We look forward to it. This rumour actually is my version should i have to write this story properly!! Hope you enjoyed it!! The writers should consider this. It will be the hit of all times in soap histroy!!

A Plus!! What do you think?

A Plus!!! Love it, finally a S/L we can live with

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Re: Shocking Spoiler for Summer's Paternity Revealed!!

Postby sharon n nick 4eva » Thu May 16, 2013 6:12 pm

Quote Fire_Phy:
Quote TxRangerFan: step back from the cliff

step back from the cliff

it is only a soap opera!!

Nick is still Summer Newman's father!

Not for long she isn't. :)

I hope Summer is Jacks daughter.

than Phyllis will have no connections to Nick! :)

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