Spoiler: Chelsea's Baby!

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Re: Spoiler: Chelsea's Baby!

Postby LucyT » Mon May 20, 2013 12:30 am

Quote batty:
Quote VanillaCookies: I can't tell if Dylan is going to be mad, or sad about this.
Dylan and Adam could end up trying to get revenge...

Dylan is not the revenge type...he will slurp up this new hurt and deal with it in his own mind.

Adam on the other hand is a sore loser, don't cross him...look how he left Sharon in jail when he had the memory card that would have cleared her?

He will want revenge, so God help Chelsea when he finds out. And God help that baby...his track record with babies is REALLY scary. >(

I think Dylan will see Adam as a threat to Chelsea and the baby and protect them even though I hope he washes his hand of the lying con 8)

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