Complete thoughts on the newbies.

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strange fruit
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Complete thoughts on the newbies.

Postby strange fruit » Wed May 01, 2013 7:40 pm

Evening folks. So, there's been alot of talk going on here concering the newbies on y&r. I don't mind them, but i do agree with some that the show is getting to be a little crowded but we also have to understand i think that in order for to keep the veterans interesting in this day in age they have to add a more younger cast to keep the vets storylines going and to reach a younger audience too. I agree that lately were seeing more newbies than veterans on but a part of me thinks the vets deserve some time off. They've been doing this for years and decades and i think the newbies need to do some of the work for a change. There are four other soaps on the air though and i don't know why it seems y&r is the soap everyone wants to crowd on because there is a new face in town everytime you look around so i agree that they do need to tone down bringing people on the show because i do think there's enough folks on there now. But like i said, i don't have a problem with the new people, i just think the show's getting over crowded is all. I like Leslie and Tyler though and Avery (need a break from her though) But some of you have to admit, If the newbies weren't on here and all there was was the original cast with the same rivalries and feuds from decades ago still going on, you guys would be suggesting for new people to come on the show. It's hard to see changes on soap operas, but in oreder to keep them fresh and on the air, you gotta have new faces. Just my thoughts.

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Re: Complete thoughts on the newbies.

Postby YnRForever » Wed May 01, 2013 7:47 pm

For me the problems is not that there are newbies, but that they whole show revolves around them! I don't mind when there are new characters that act as a sidekick to the vets, who have proven their acting skills, who we have grown close to on the show, and actually care about. I do not have enough attachment to any new characters to care about what is going on with them as a main story. Once they have been on for years as a sidekick and we can get attached to them, then I don't mind them having a main story because then they will be considered part of the show, not some newbie no one cares about.

For instance, I could care less about Alex, but now that he's been sidekick to Paul, I like his character and would like to see him work with Paul more!

This is just my opinion :D

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Re: Complete thoughts on the newbies.

Postby Qu33nTeelovesAdam » Wed May 01, 2013 7:52 pm

The only newbies I like is Tyler and Alex...

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Re: Complete thoughts on the newbies.

Postby JRTA » Wed May 01, 2013 7:57 pm

I agree with YnRRanger... its not about Newbies on the show. It's about them taking it over. In order for newbies to be incorperated, it needs to be done slowly. The characters need to be developed and need to grow on viewers.

When you have two relatively new characters, Dylan and Avery, (this is just an example) the MAIN characters in a love triangle, with vets taking a back seat, it puts long time viewers off.

Victor, Michael and Phyllis were all short term newbies. The characters struck a core with viewers and became long term characters. None of them walked on and took over.

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pink kiity
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Re: Complete thoughts on the newbies.

Postby pink kiity » Wed May 01, 2013 9:09 pm

i say get rid of all of them they are wsste of space and air time ~) ~) ~) ~)

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strange fruit
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Re: Complete thoughts on the newbies.

Postby strange fruit » Wed May 01, 2013 10:45 pm

Nice disscusion were having. So Avery for instance, I don't really remember how she became to have such a bigger part on the show. To me, she went from just being Sharon's lawyer to now being stuck in a love triangle and having one of the biggest storylines on the show. Do you guys think her character wasn't developed enough for her to have a bigger part on the show? the same goes for Leslie who also started out on here as just an unknown lawyer. I like her though.

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Re: Complete thoughts on the newbies.

Postby lesepps » Wed May 01, 2013 11:06 pm

Days does a great job with multi-generational stories. But at Y&R, it's either or. Maria Bell wrote for vets and cut out the younger characters, Jill Phelps is doing just the opposite. Although I have to believe she wouldn't be going this far without the blessing of CBS and Sony.

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Re: Complete thoughts on the newbies.

Postby LucyT » Wed May 01, 2013 11:35 pm

I like Avery's s/l I love Dylan but am not sold on Avery with anyone but Dylan.Yes he is that good :D

I don't like Chelsea in anyway. I know some do but I find her dull dull dull no matter what they do with her and no Dylan couldn't even make me watch her.

I think the boy who plays Fen is great and I believe he will be up to very bad things.

Summer I can't make up my mind I can't even catch up with her age but I like her spunk and she will keep a lot of people busy this summer I have a feeling.

I want my bubbly Abbey I have started watching GH just for MR.Like I have time for another soap :~ I love her as Lulu but I never new any other Lulu so what do I know. ;)

Kyle?I loved BH but this guy looks like he will fit in I don't know where they are going with him but so far he seems ok.

I like Tyler when he isn't in Lillys space.I thought he was to aggresive at first but he has grown on me.It doesn't hurt that he is so dang good looking.

I thought for sure Mason was a goner but it lookes like maybe he will stay around he's pretty.

Who have I missed? I would rather see Devon,Billy,Phyllis,Adam,...almost any vet than the newbies.with the exception of Dylan and the aged kids.

Paul needs a good s/l!!!
I would like to have Heather and Daniel back.

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Re: Complete thoughts on the newbies.

Postby TwoOfEach » Wed May 01, 2013 11:52 pm

I like Avery. I don't need to see her 12 straight days with one story line but the actress is good. I just want her to stop being a blubbery mess.

I adore Chelsea. MCE is a great actress; she holds her own in every scene definitely deserves to be playing with the big boys. She quickly became one of my favorites on the show. Hate the baby story line--move it along.

Dylan is meh. No clue why Avery would pick him over Nick. None. He was cute giving Chelsea the rose though so maybe I'll think differently at the end of sweeps.

Summer has spunk. Definitely is following in mommy's footsteps.

Fen is sooo creepy. Awesome actor. Hope they don't take him too close to the brink, I think he's a keeper.

Tyler is not my favorite, but I don't hate him

Mason is background. We don't see him enough for me to be annoyed by him.

I haven't seen enough of the recast Abby and Kyle to have an opinion.

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hopey pix
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Re: Complete thoughts on the newbies.

Postby hopey pix » Wed May 01, 2013 11:57 pm

I only seem to like Chavez,Carmine,Dylan,Leslie,and Noah,of the newer people.But,Leslie and Carmine have been on before,they just had no storylines until now!Mason seems to have had that trouble too.I thought he was gone also!There just seems to have been no need to change Summer and Kyle.Blake Hood was very good!I can't get used to the new Kyle yet,Summer,I am sort of used to now!I am glad they got rid of Adrianna still!So far it's a better blending that what they had last year!They need to get the last heather back,and more story for Paul.And bring back Sam and Piper,I liked them so much better than Anita and Chelsea!They just want to seem to cram them both down our throats!!And please give Devon a story!!He deserves it too,like Paul!Stop making them go through Y&R limbo!!

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