Chrissi, please shed some light...may contain spoilers!

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Re: Chrissi, please shed some light...may contain spoilers!

Postby ILuvNY » Wed Oct 03, 2007 5:57 pm

Quote Eppy:
Quote loveitloveitloveit:
Quote Touched:
Quote ILuvNY:

OMG...THEY are the ones who started this whole thing by coming into this board and slamming these two women and their spoilers! ~)
Sorry, Amy and Chrissi, my intention in starting this thread was for you to tell them that your info comes from reputable sources! Actually, I guess you should hold your head high; I and some others only come to this board because you keep it a fair board. They can slam you all they want on the other boards; I have a lot respect for you, as does anyone who is here for the fun of discussion and disagreement ;)

That's okay! Payback is wonderful especially when you have the upper hand. I plan on joining that board in a couple of weeks, and with my sarcastic humor, I'll be banned in no time! :-)

I have noticed the nastiness on other boards too, that is why I only post here. They actually start whole threads about it, very disgusting. That is why we have attracted the type that bashes this site. They actually wanted to come on this board and do this, try to take over and make it a Phyck board, because they claim this board is mostly Shcik lovers. They are sad. >(
Those people are what are called "admiration bombers" and they know exactly what is meant by that!! I cannot explain it to you here if you do not know what is meant by that. I'm gone again!!

Ok...I guess that means that they either are admired by posters on other boards who think as they do, or posters on this board who admire them for coming here and having the
b@ll$ to be rude, obnoxious and insulting!

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