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Its not real
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Re: Writers Idiots

Postby Its not real » Mon Apr 22, 2013 10:45 pm

Quote Lizzytish: I think one of the biggest problems is that these soap writers haven't mastered the art of transient characters. You can't keep writing for the same 10 people for 40 years and not run out of original ideas.

The key is to add temporary characters, from time to time, to interact with the existing characters to create new plots and SLs that have a conclusion. Some of the soaps use ARCS that have a beginning, middle and end all within a 13-week time frame. And when it's over, the temp characters exit and the show moves on. IMHO that's the only way to keep things fresh and exiciting.

All these people do -- regardless of who the EP and HW are -- is repeat the same old plots with the same old characters.

Yes, I totally agree with this! You need new faces to keep it interesting and fresh but you can bring them in for a temporary story and have them interact with the old favourites and then move on.

I hate the fact that it seems that every new stranger who shows up in GC has to have some tie or relationship to someone already there.
Why did they make Chelsea be Jeff's daughter? Makes no sense and seriously looking at statistics how likely is it that some con in Myanmar would happen to be Jeff's daughter?

Why did Dylan have to be Phyllis old childhood neighbour? Wasn't it enough that he was Avery's old lover? Why do we need all these stupid background connections ?

The same with Gene when she was on turning out to be Tucker's old first love. Really? Not needed and ridiculously unlikely.

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Re: Writers Idiots

Postby Lizzytish » Mon Apr 22, 2013 10:52 pm

Totally agree. Just like the stupid SL that brought Alex to the show -- then his sister had to show up. Glad she's gone -- the character was lame.

I think the SL with Congressman wheeler was exactly what I was referring to by temporary characters. His SL is over and he's gone.

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Re: Writers Idiots

Postby redfan » Mon Apr 22, 2013 10:56 pm

I like Alex New Abby is boring please don't put Alex with chloe find a women on the show he have chemistry with ? Who could that be.

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Re: Writers Idiots

Postby coolkraft » Wed Apr 24, 2013 1:45 pm

Quote redfan: I miss Jack with Emily Paul Christine Phyllis is boring with Jack Avery and Nick so boring Adam loves Sharon not chelsa hate Tyler Leslie' Dylan is wooden Carmine the most boring character ever Lauren and Michael in worst s/l ever where's Mrs c Murphy Jill they ruining Victoria and billys s/l I hate watching show anymore):

you said it correctly, but I must add Chloe and Kevin are both a disgusting waste of time and I do not like the new Abby either.....so I read the boards and watch DOOL

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