Anti- Adam/Shadam Thread. (No fans)

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Re: Anti- Adam/Shadam Thread. (No fans)

Postby trinilisa » Tue Oct 13, 2015 8:31 am

[quote="janetb"]Monday Canadian/Tuesday U.S.

Everyone but Jack knew that Adam had no business being at Delia's memorial and certainly had no right to make his lame apology. I'm sick of Jack feeling sorry for Adam and expecting everyone else to as well. Chloe told Adam what she thought of him and then pulled a gun. Chelsea jumped in front of Adam and talked Chloe down, saying Delia wouldn't want this. Adam though it meant Chelsea had forgiven him and they could start over. She said she and Connor are still leaving town but not where they're going and he deserves to be in jail. He had a pity party about how he didn't have a father growing up and would she make sure Connor knows he loves him, and she walked away. Victor expects gratitude and wants the Paragon Project ended or Adam goes back to jail. He admitted paying off the judge. Adam expected pity because Chloe could have killed him but got none. So many poor Adam and it's all Billy's fault threads on the board. Adam will never be redeemed because like Victor he'll never change. He says he's sorry but keeps on lying and doing the same things.[/quote]
Oh, I totally expected the Adam love fest and Billy hate fest on the board. I've also seen a thread's title where they don't like the Delia love fest; hope the same thread appears when the writers decide to pimp Cassie's death again...
I couldn't believe Jack yesterday. I don't get this man crush he has on Adam; guess being close and sticking up for Victor's son is a turn-on for him. Cloe should have pulled the trigger and sent him on a one-way ticket to hell like he deserves to be.

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Re: Anti- Adam/Shadam Thread. (No fans)

Postby janetb » Tue Oct 13, 2015 10:53 am

There's still no sign that the writers will pin Delia's death on anyone else but we know Adam won't be going to jail. There was a new thread on the weekend that blames Esther! Jack keeps saying he was preventing Billy from killing Adam, but no mention that Adam was blackmailing him. Victor seemed to think the police should know what Chloe did, and acting like he was doing Victoria a favour for letting it go. Since when was it any of his business. He shouldn't have been there either. Delia was no more than a means to an end for him, he didn't care about her.

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