liking avery and dylan together

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Re: liking avery and dylan together

Postby On a Clear Day » Wed Feb 06, 2013 10:58 pm

Quote Lizzytish: Meh, don't care one way or the other -- in fact, I'm getting kind of tired of all- Avery. She's involved in practically every SL on the show.

I thought her outrage with Dylan today was a bit much. Shouldn't she have given him the opportunity to explain what happened and where he's been before she went off on him? As she pointed out -- she's not his wife or girlfriend, so a lot could have happened that she'd have no way of knowing.

I feel sorry for Nick -- can't seem to find a girl without drama.

I haven't seen today's show yet so maybe I will think differently afterward than I did after yesterday's episode. I'll have to watch it. The new writers seem to be making Nick nicer and more fun-loving instead of scowling and pissed at Phyliis non-stop, so yes, I too would like to see him have a good relationship. More fun than watching all doom and gloom.

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