Avery and Phyllis.. cant blame Phyllis

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Re: Avery and Phyllis.. cant blame Phyllis

Postby SanDiegoSteve_1 » Fri Jan 25, 2013 11:22 pm

Quote Just Mary:
Quote lfga: i realy cant blame Phyllis for being upset..i know i have said this before,but you shouldnt miss around with your sister,s husband....never....or atlease wait till the divorce is over...i know Avery didnt cause the break-up...but she should have know it would hurt her sister,when she seen her husband together...

You know what?! I have 3 sisters and I would not go after their ex but Phyllis deserves this. She just never learns. If Avery and Nick can be happy then so be it. Phyllis is a hypocritical trampy chick and she truly reaped what she sowed.

I disagree! No one deserves to have their sister betray them in such a way - no one and what makes Avery the "avenger". She's certainly not innocent - that's a fact.

Also, the terms hypocritical, trampy and reaping what they sew can apply to all three.

Yes, Phyllis cheated on Nick with Ronan - we all know that -Phyllis slept with Ronan AFTER Nick whimped out on her but Nick cheated on her with Sharon and before that cheated on Sharon with her and before that cheated on Sharon with Grace.

Now, sweet little Avery admitted she cheated on her husband with Dylan which ended her own marriage and seeing she was a Summers growing up and her last name is Bailey-Clark (2 last names and Dylan is a McAlvoy - there has to be yet another victim out there.


Phyllis, the sk^nk that she is, slept with Nick when he and Sharon were at crossroads overy losing Cassie.

Phyllis, the sk^nk that she is, slept with Nick while with Jack.

Phyllis, the sk^nk that she is, slept with DEACON ON A DUMPSTER!! EWWWWWWWWWW

Phyllis, the sk^nk that she is, was supported by her husband even after finding out she tried to kill Cricket and Paul after she and Ronan had him look like a punk when the affair story was just a story. Then she slept with him, Ronan, in her family home on the couch where her daughter saw them.

Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Nick and Avery are happy. Phyllis and Nick could have been happy if she could keep her legs closed for a day! If Avery avoided every man Phyllis has slept with, she may as well leave Genoa City.
Great post! Spot on. You can't swing a dead cat in GC without hitting someone Phyllis had a romp in the hay/bed/couch/table/desk/dumpster with.

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Re: Avery and Phyllis.. cant blame Phyllis

Postby PurrrrrrrKitty » Fri Jan 25, 2013 11:41 pm

Quote angel276: Phyllis and Avery werent so called "sisters" for yrs. Phyllis letf when Avery was young. Phyllis is the one who destroyed her marriage, all by herself. She cheated lied and was just typical Phyllis. I dont blame Avery and Nick for falling for each other in the least. If the tables were turned Phyllis wouldnt have blinked an eye to do the same thing.

I have not been around for a while.. but have seen this topic disucssed several times..

I totally agree with the above.

I have two wonderful sisters that we have had a life time of a relationship..First, I would not have either of their husbands.. not my type.. but, if I were interested, I would not hurt them for anything.. because we have a RELATIONSHIP and they would not do it to me either.

I've had two very, very close female friendships... almost closer than sisters.. I would NEVER to that to them.. far to much respect and love between us..

Nothing there between Phyllis and Avery..other than the same blood.. and they have not seen each other in years and years... sooo, they are not sisters, in my opinion, other than by DNA.

YOU bet Phyllis would do it in a split second and NEVER look back at Avery.. she would have a million excuses... Yep, she broke up her own marriage by "slutting" around which is what Phyllis has always done.

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Re: Avery and Phyllis.. cant blame Phyllis

Postby Stemp » Fri Jan 25, 2013 11:44 pm

I can blame Phyllis bc she should have appreciated her husband and life more than she feared going to prison. She leaped into Ronan's arms, bed, et al, just to save herself. Then she plays the sister card. Wouldn't have mattered who Nick ended up with--she would have hated it no matter what bc it represents her own bad choices.

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Re: Avery and Phyllis.. cant blame Phyllis

Postby chillepepper » Sat Jan 26, 2013 12:07 am

Ronan took responsiblity in his part of the Red's marraige breaking up. Like I said before Phylliss wanted to sleep with Ronan ,nobody makes her do something she doesn't want to. Even after they broke up Phyllis was still having bang sessions with Ronan. She is the one that should have stopped the whole thing,she is the one that was married and supposedly so in love with Nick.She love the idea of being with a younger man ,she didn't hesitant to stick it to Nick,she was always saying she loved him ,than why did she flirt with and throw herself at Ronan if she loved Nick so much. All I see when I look at Red is a liar theif and tramp,nothing was ever mentioned about her stealing money from Summer's trust fund to pay off Tim Reid. I don't get why Avery is always being called rude names on here ,Red is to blame for this mess . Get over it ,move on Nick has.

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