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Re: Y&R Restless Rant and Poll! Vote! Comment!

Postby Candace » Sat Jan 19, 2013 8:06 am

Bringing forward

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Re: Y&R Restless Rant and Poll! Vote! Comment!

Postby lmfan » Sat Jan 19, 2013 3:05 pm

Quote SanDiegoSteve_1: Great job Candace!

Well, Fen is far from innocent. Jamie wouldn't have been on that roof if Fen hadn't framed him, so I say it's all on him. Michael knows very well that it's Fen who's responsible. The kid is pretty Jamie-sessed and is a first-class bully. He is this way because his parents didn't instill discipline or teach him to respect other people.

As far as Adriana goes, I wish the poor girl would stop batting those eyelashes before she flies away! Her character is grating on my nerves.

IMO, Jack is trying to do the right thing and be a stand-up guy, in contrast to Victor who doesn't have an honest bone in his body. I respect Jack's misguided sense of accountability that he's taking regarding Stephanie's death, but it sure wasn't his fault. Victor, on the other hand, is a coward who never admits wrong-doing under any circumstances, and never takes responsibility for his actions. I have a ton of respect for people IRL like Jack, and zero for people like Victor.

How do you know Likey didn't instill in Fen discipline or didn't teach him to respect others? Up until a few months ago, the kid was very well behaved and very respectful. Parents can sometimes do their best to teach their children right from wrong and yet still have kids that act out. I am a teacher and I have taught kids from the same family who are so very different. It isn't always about the parents, although I do agree they have a great deal of influence on their children.

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