Phyllis Has Her Nerve!!!

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Re: Phyllis Has Her Nerve!!!

Postby bukopandan » Sun Jan 20, 2013 7:54 pm

Quote Sunnyflower:
Quote bukopandan:
Quote Sunnyflower:
Quote 77RestlessFan:
Quote deceived:
Quote 77RestlessFan:
Quote deceived: I could not believe that Phyllis, who recently, hid the body of Dr. Reed, and got Kevin involved...then when Jack needs help, she is surprised at the idea??? "I will not be involved in hiding a felony???" and she is bailing on Jack... unbelievable!!! HYPOCRITE!!!

That is a really stupid statement. We are all talking about Phyllis having remorse and learning her lesson, well, she doesn't want to be involved in anything like that again. I don't blame her. She has seen first hand what kind of trouble that can put in your life and she doesn't want to get involved in anything like that again. She is not a hypocrite, she is trying to do better.

Just because Phyllis isn't stalking Nick, and cutting up Avery's underwear, doesn't mean she is feeling remorse. She still will not apologize to Paul and Christine for trying to kill them...Dr. Tim had incriminating evidence against her that is why she had to get rid of him...because she got rid of him,, the case was dropped...she has not shown any remorse.

Phyllis didn't kill Dr. Reid. He killed himself when he tried to blackmail Phyllis for sex and then took a handful of Viagra. That sent his little black heart into over drive and he croaked. Phyllis was the one who was being victimized. Also she was being hounded by Christine and by the DA so she couldn't afford for Tim to be found dead in her apartment. They would have tried to say she killed him and she didn't.

I still maintain that it is a tragedy that she didn't kill Christine. I want to off her myself everytime she opens her mouth. ;)

Remorse? Why? Christine is brutal. :D

If someone like Chris deserves to be killed, then ole Phyl should have been killed twenty different ways by now!

LOL probably. :D But it's a soap and I like to live in my fantasy world where characters can be driven over and the show moves on. :)

And you know what could end this? YR could have a scene with Chris crossing the street and not paying attention and Phyl would run and save her from an oncoming car. End of the problem! Truly, I'd never say another bad word!

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