Adam hires Sharon to replace Phyllis at Newman!

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Re: Adam hires Sharon to replace Phyllis at Newman!

Postby janetb » Mon Jan 07, 2013 6:46 pm

Quote soapdoctors:
Quote sylviaa: Adam decides to give Sharon a job at Newman!

There is a vacancy since Jack fired Phyllis.

Adam offers the position to Sharon. She accepts!

Sharon & Adam will work together at Newman.

I just watched these scenes. What a joke! Adam looks like a moron. Mr Harvard grad thinks Sharon will "excel" as RD director & this twit is the most qualified? Puhleeze!!!

Sharon needs to stay home, take her drugs, and spend time with Faith!

Sharon almost ruined Newman because she thought she was qualified to be CEO.Last week she was qualified to be spokesperson for Jabot and now it's R&D back at Newman.She really does have delusions of grandeur and thinks she can do anything.Adam isn't helping by giving her this job.She should be concentrating on getting better and those two kids she says she loves so much.

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Re: Adam hires Sharon to replace Phyllis at Newman!

Postby Lucy3 » Mon Jan 07, 2013 8:48 pm

I think by now we all know that everyone in GC is qualified for whatever position becomes available. And if there isn't an opening they just make up a title and hire the person anyway. Sharon is just as qualified as any of the others who get their overnight credentials. There are half a dozen people in town with college degrees, most of them lawyers, and the rest are just qualified, no education required. So, yes Sharon is probably just as job ready as anyone else in town. ~)

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