Should Lauren have an Affair with Carmine? Y/N?

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Re: Should Lauren have an Affair with Carmine? Y/N?

Postby lmfan » Sun Feb 17, 2013 11:18 am

Quote Pinchy: Michael and Lauren are my favourite couple on daytime soap and I vote YES to an affair with Carmine!

I will caveat that with saying, I'd like to see reconciliation afterwards! Lauren, Michael and even Fen rebuilding their family after the betrayal. %(

In todays throwaway society, it would be nice to see the fallout of an affair and the rebuilding instead of walking away. What a better couple to do it than Michael and Lauren!

So you are saying Lauren should throwaway her marriage and her vows to Michael so that it might be rebuilt? Why not work through her problems like she always has with Michael instead of giving into temptation?

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Re: Should Lauren have an Affair with Carmine? Y/N?

Postby On a Clear Day » Sun Feb 17, 2013 1:00 pm

They are doing all this to give Michael & Lauren a storyline. Adultry happens everyday and is much more believable than Sheila or Daisy returning from the dead or missing to lock her up in a cage again. I'd rather see how they deal with Lauren's mid life crisis than someone coming back with a new face from plastic surgery to torment her which drives her to agoraphobia, which is the crap writing they usually give her to work through.

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